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The Holy Ground of Sorrow - 2nd Annual Retreat

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WaterTown Hotel

4242 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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“Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.”

Oscar Wilde

We all experience loss. Sometimes it’s the unbearable pain from the loss of a loved one, including our pets, or the deep-seated turbulence that arises from life’s setbacks and challenges, or the emotional isolation of unresolved grief or wounds, or the outright fear and persistent ‘stuckness’ that is often triggered as we seek to fulfill our Soul’s calling.

Grief can tear the woven fabric of your life and its arrival at your doorstep marks the beginning of a new relationship with LIFE.

When you allow the gravity of grief to work upon your Soul, you are naturally drawn inward to your center where your authentic self resides, inviting you to cultivate your unique relationship with grief and learn life skills for navigating this experiential terrain. Deep within the well of your soul's silence and stillness, are sparks of illumination to inspire you to break your silence. Speaking your truth and exploring the dark places of your soul in the presence of sacred community unleashes the power of your story to heal, to awaken, and to help you move forward.

Come walk with us on holy ground. Come discover the pathway guiding you toward the sacred space where unresolved grief is locked away waiting for the holy moment when the light enters.

We offer a soul-nurturing space supported by a group of spiritual leaders to guide your journey.


Our weekend program begins with the creation of sacred space as we gather in community for healing through rituals and exercises of renewal and release. In this nurturing environment, the wisdom and power of your soul will be accessed through sensory exercises, guided meditations and compassionate witnessing. You'll be gently guided and supported through a life-changing passage to help you learn skills for navigating grief and unwrapping the gifts held within your sorrow. Your physical and your emotional bodies are the temples through which you'll discover your unique patterns, themes and key lessons your soul is learning within the landscape of your life's losses. Your weekend journey through your layers of grief will help you cultivate:

Spiritual Listening: the process of getting in touch with and knowing your truth to live more authentically from the inside out with clarity and wise discernment.

Speaking from your Heart: finding your personal language of love, kindness, and self-compassion for sharing your experiences of loss and feeling more connected to life.

Deepening your connection to Spirit: building upon your unique energetic connection with the divine (or whatever term you use) through various teaching modalities and exercises for the purpose of strengthening your personal courage and confidence in your partnership with the infinite.

Soul Writing for healing and movement in your life: learn how the expression of your unspoken stories and emotions can access your soul's wisdom for healing and inner peace to restore your connection and flow with life.

Experiencing greater JOY in and for LIFE: discover how to tune into and activate your heart center for witnessing your life through the eyes of love and illuminate the miracles of your healing journey.

We'll conclude our weekend retreat with a Sunday celebratory Dinner and an evening program featuring mediums delivering messages from your loved ones in spirit, observing and participating in healing demonstrations by our featured presenter trance medium John Mullin, and one on one sacred witnessing sessions with our retreat guides to integrate your journey's discoveries and blessings.

Whatever the nature of your sorrow, we hope you'll join us on this intimate journey with your soul.


We are honored to have the following spiritual leaders and practitioners in our presence throughout the retreat to immerse you in the palpable presence of spirit for deep healing. Private sessions are available before, during and after the retreat with all support staff.

Elle Gulotta (Retreat Teacher) Spiritual Medium, Soul Teacher, & Certified Grief Specialist

John Halas (Retreat Teacher) Ordained Minister, Grief Coach, Soul Seer

John Mullin, (Retreat Healer) Trance Healing Medium - San Francisco, CA

Maari Falsetto, (Retreat Guide) Transformational Spiritual Coach & Licensed Practitioner

Raymond Houle, (Retreat Guide) Spiritual Coach & Licensed Practitioner

Justin Thuemler, (Retreat Guide) Spiritual Coach & Licensed Practitioner

Melissa White, (Retreat Guide) Psychic Medium, Soul Coach & Spiritual Teacher

Coming Soon....

Our Clairheart online scheduling to book your private session with one or more of our retreat healers, grief specialists and spiritual practitioners.


“A heartfelt thank you to Elle, and John for putting together such a loving and safe environment for an extremely, profound healing experience to take place. All I wanted to gain from the weekend was to somehow feel better. I never dreamt that my whole outlook and perspective on life would change. I feel a deeper sense of connection with all people, loved ones who have passed on, and Love (God). My tears of deep sadness over the recent loss of my wife have changed into tears of gratitude for her and the years we spent together. I have never felt so much love and energy in one room in my life. The retreat was truly a gift that must be experienced”. Kane

“John Halas and Elle Gulotta took great care to ensure the tender hearts and spirits in this workshop were cradled and cherished in Love. All experiences were welcome, all expressions of grief and healing were honored and witnessed.” Lisa Craze

I healed the loss of my twin along with the loss of young ones in my family lineage that I didn't even know I was grieving. The gentle yet powerful step by step process John and Elle facilitated allowed me to feel safe and go deeper than I ever have before and also to touch on the joy of having these angels in my life. I highly recommend this for anyone who is longing for peace with their past and/or present and desires more lightness and joy in their future.” LS - Feldenkrais Practitioner & Wellness Coach


“I enjoyed John’s session very much. I could really feel the care and kindness in his energetic ‘touch’. Afterwards I had an incredible surge of energy in my body that lasted right up until I feel asleep that night and then I slept more soundly than I had in many months. Thanks John!” Steph E.

“John helped me to connect to spirit in a way I’ve never dreamed possible. I am grateful for the experience."

“John Mullin is an amazing healer. If he is available to you at a Clairheart event please avail yourself of his unique abilities. You will not be disappointed.” Monica S.

“John did a lot of energy work with my legs and feet – releasing! The next day they were sore but the day after and since they have felt light and have continued to carry me well.” Sandy


We offer Scholarships, Discounts and Payment Plans to those guests who are currently experiencing financial setbacks. Please contact Elle @ to receive more information and an online application.

Our willingness to enter into the shadow of grief and death is our spiritual responsibility –our sacred duty. By so doing, we may be able to feel our desire for life again and remember who we are, where we belong, and what is sacred.” Francis Weller,The Wild Edge of Sorrow


Traveling from outside Seattle? WaterTown Hotel located in the Unviersity District offers on-site lodging, parking and a small cafe. The hotel is within close walking distance to many great restaurants on the "AVE". Off-season rates available. Private or shared rooms available. WaterTown Lodging Link:


All deposits are non-refundable. A 10% service fee will be applied on ticket cancellations through September 30, 2017. Tickets are non-refundable after September 30, 2017.

We look forward to sharing our spiritual gifts and having your presence to create a greater bond of love and support in our sacred community.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Medium, Elle Gulotta & Rev. John Halas

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WaterTown Hotel

4242 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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