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The Mushroom Conference: A Molecular Masterclass

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Microdose & The Conscious Fund present The Mushroom Conference: A Molecular Masterclass from Nov 20-22, 2020.

About this Event

The mushroom has evolved. Building on millennia of psychoactive, functional and nutritional use, the new breed of mushroom company, the latest research and the most radical ideas are heralding a new age.

We'll look in detail at these amazing developments, deep dive into the science and present the leading ventures in the medicinal and functional mushroom space.



Panels and keynotes will run for 45 minutes, with a 15 minute Q&A session afterwards. The conference will begin at 17:00 (GMT) / 12:00(EST) / 09:00 (PST) each day. You will be sent login and platform details with your ticket.

The whole conference will be recorded and will be available to all ticket holders to enable attendees to make the most of the experience.

Gold Sponsors

MagicMed Industries intends to partner with pharmaceutical and other companies to develop psychedelic-derived medicinal and licit consumer goods products. MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™ is anticipated to be an essential building block from which industry can develop new patented products. The initial focus of the Psybrary™ is on psilocybin, and is expected to be opportunistically expanded to other psychedelics like MDMA, ketamine, ibogaine, mescaline, and ayahuasca.

Silver Sponsors

Wake Network is a vertically integrated fungi medicine company focused on addressing the most critical mental health challenges facing the world today and tomorrow. The Wake Network’s industry leading cultivation and approach to novel clinical research with fungus based substances is all backed by their compliance focused virtual wellness platform.

The Wake Network is a decentralized international fungus company with operating facilities in Canada, Jamaica and the USA. The Wake Network recognizes that employees are at the core of its success and takes pride in a corporate culture that emphasizes inclusiveness, collaboration, and diversity.

Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds, each bringing their own unique skills and talents to the table, working together to continue our growth.

Social Sponsors

Empyrean is a science-driven company focused on developing and marketing advanced evidence-based orthomolecular products including Myco Botanicals and Entheogens. Empyrean supports its customers’ quest with products that harness the medicinal value of natural full-spectrum extracts, the benefits of microdosing select ingredients, and the synergy created by blending them.

Please note that to encourage more diversity in our speaker lineups, priority and preference will be given to female and BIPOC speaker applicants.

If you would like to speak please apply here.

Dr. Joseph Tucker

Chief Executive Officer, MagicMed Industries Inc.

Dr. Tucker, in collaboration with Dr. Peter Facchini, was the first to sequence the entire genome of the commercially relevant Papaver somniferum, is a co-inventor of cardiovascular drug candidate APABETALONE, and is the discoverer of the human blindness-associated gene SLC24A.

Marshall Tyler

Director of Research, Field Trip Psychedelics Inc.

Marshall is a scientist with a deep interest in psychoactive molecules. He spent his academic career exploring the intersection of chemistry and biology in an attempt to unravel the molecular basis of neuropsychiatric disorders. His passion lies in guiding research to arrive at a deeper understanding of consciousness with the ultimate goal of enhancing wellbeing. He currently conducts research on psychoactive mushrooms at Field Trip Psychedelic's lab in Jamaica.

Dr. Jillian Hagel

COO, MagicMed Industries Inc.

Dr. Jillian Hagel received her PhD in the field of natural products biochemistry in 2010. She acts as COO for MagicMed Industries, leading its Science team's laser focus on delivering partner milestones, general operations including science platform coordination, and patent filings. Dr. Hagel has previously held COO and Vice President roles in the biotechnology industry.

Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, PhD, MSc

Medical Advisor, Dvija Phytoceutical Corp

Medical advisor experienced in the evaluation of R&D activities and strategic planning (therapeutic potentials of psychedelic substances and cannabis-based drugs).

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Founder and CSO, Transcendent Therapeutics, Inc,

Dr. Khoja is a stellar and accomplished Global Life Science Executive who brings sagacious and vibrant entrepreneurship within the high-tech scientific sector. He is a trusted and recognized global leader in Psychedelics, Salubrious & Sanative Drug Development. He possesses comprehensive knowledge of life sciences focusing on Mental Health within Pharma, Nutraceutical and Psychedelic industries on a broader vision to drug discovery for Remedial therapeutics. His expertise lies in translating ideas into action, including innovation, commercialization, and knowledge mobilization.

Daniel Shankin

Founder of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration

Daniel Shankin (AKA Sitaram Das) is the founder of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration, which supports individuals who are exploring their consciousness for spiritual growth and transformational healing. A yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years, Daniel has dedicated his life to the cultivation of clarity, resilience, and heart. He uses tools from a wide variety of traditions to help his clients to develop powerful personal practices for psychedelic preparation and integration.

Tonya Papanikolov

Founder and CEO of Rainbo

Tonya Papanikolov (B.Sc, CNP) is a Holistic Nutritionist, educator, yogi and the Founder and CEO of Rainbo. Rainbo is a sustainable medicinal mushroom company offering supplements and functional foods. The company is rooted in Tonya's passion and vision for healing people and the planet with fungi. Years ago, Tonya began using medicinal mushrooms to heal a health condition and experienced the mind, body, spirit elevating properties of fungi which lead her to study mycology, mycotherapy and mycoremediation. Through her education, client practice and personal experience, Tonya was inspired to start cultivating locally in Canada and build a sustainable brand.

Mark McCoy

Co-Founder, Empyrean

Serial entrepreneur with multiple patents in drug delivery, medical IT and agtech. Award winning functional beverage formulator and expert in whole food and orthomolecular formulations. Founder of 831 Cannabis Collective, MountainCraft Cannabis and co-founder of Empyrean Myco-Botanicals. Over two decades of self-use and assisting medical collective members with in-field functional bio-hacking using psilocybin, cannabis, traditional herbal medicine systems (TCM and ayurvedic) and amino acid therapies in synergy to enhance physical and mental performance, address common maladies and overcome alcohol, nicotine and opioid substance addictions.

Dr. Peter Facchini

Chief Scientific Officer, MagicMed Industries Inc.

Dr. Peter Facchini is the Chief Scientific Officer of MagicMed Industries, Inc. He has been Professor of Plant Biochemistry in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary for 25 years. He held the Canada Research Chair in Plant Metabolic Processes Biotechnology and is currently a Parex Resources Innovation Fellow in the Faculty of Science. He was a founder and the Chief Scientific Officer of Epimeron Inc., a University of Calgary startup acquired in the creation of Willow Biosciences Inc. (WLLW.TO), for which he served as Chief Scientific Officer until April 2020. He has published more than 160 scientific papers and filed more than 30 patents, and is regarded as an international leader in the biochemistry and biotechnology of natural product metabolism.

Dustin Robinson

Licensed attorney, CPA, and realtor, Founder Mr. Psychedelic Law

Licensed attorney, CPA, and realtor. Founded Mr. Cannabis Law - a full service law firm exclusively focuses on the cannabis and psychedelic space. Co-founder Mr. Psychedelic Law - a non-profit with a mission to use medical and spiritual research to drive legal reform of psilocybin mushrooms. Co-founded Mind Army - a non-profit focused on federal descheduling of psychedelics.

Susan Chapelle

Co-CEO, Havn Life

Susan Chapelle eMBA, is an inventive leader with a highly successful career building businesses, leading as a two-term elected politician, and influencing changes that improve organizations and emergent industries. She is a published researcher in the field of wound healing and pain mechanisms. Susan is excited to open minds and bring access to human performance through her work as the Co-CEO of Havn Life Sciences.

Graham Pechenik

Founder | Registered Patent Attorney, Calyx Law

A registered patent attorney, with degrees in Biochemistry and Cognitive Neuroscience, Graham spent a decade representing Fortune 500 companies in the agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and technology industries before founding Calyx Law in 2016, the first patent law boutique in California to focus on cannabis and psychedelics. At Calyx Law, Graham has worked with numerous seed and early stage companies to protect their psilocybin-related IP through patent and trademark filings, and to develop IP strategies for the space. Graham also maintains the Psilocybin Patent Tracker in partnership with Psilocybin Alpha. When he’s not helping others with their mushroom-related matters, Graham also grows mushrooms, forages for wild mushrooms, and teaches about mushrooms as a volunteer interpreter at Muir Woods.

Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D. and Julie M. Brown, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Coauthors The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity

Julie M. Brown, M.A., L.M.H.C., is an integrative psychotherapist (retired) who for 30 years worked with cancer patients using guided imagery. Jerry B. Brown is an author and anthropologist, who studies the role of sacred plants in religion. They are coauthors of The Psychedelic Gospels, 2016, and “Mystical Experience and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Insights from Guided Imagery Therapy with Cancer Patients” Psychedelics Today, May 28, 2020.

Paul Austin

Founder, CEO Third Wave + Synthesis

Paul F. Austin is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and educator. He has founded two companies in the emerging psychedelic space, Third Wave and Synthesis. Within Third Wave, Paul leads his team in building an educational platform to ensure psychedelic substances become responsibly integrated into our metamodern cultural framework. Currently, Third Wave offers long-form psychedelic guides, online trainings focused on the skill of microdosing psychedelics, and an industry-best network of clinics and retreat providers. Because of his pioneering work at the intersection of psychedelic use, personal transformation, and professional success, Paul has been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and Rolling Stone.

Jackie Salm

Co-Founder and CSO, Psilera Bioscience

After receiving my PhD in natural products and organic chemistry, I was drawn to industries that challenged the norm. I have worked in various fields of drug discovery from neglected and tropical diseases to antibiotics to psychoactives, all of which are understudied fields with many drug discovery challenges. My father's diagnosis with a rare for of dementia and my family's struggle with addiction catalyzed my interest in neurological conditions and continues to motivate me today. Our goal with Psilera Bioscience is to find ways to accelerate research of mindful medicines whose purpose is to benefit patients as a whole and for the long term.

Gary Costner

Founder and CEO at Myco Systemics

Gary has been a psychonautic explorer of advanced neural models, theoretical physics and manifold theory most of his life. His research led him to the conclusion that 'human bodies are fruiting bodies of hyper-dimensional mycelium'. He is the patent holder of advanced 3D supercomputer architectures with extensive experience in AI and developed biological intuition synthesis algorithms in conjunction with DARPA's Polymorphic Computing Architecture project. Gary is currently focusing all of his expertise to revolutionize myco-cultivation, enabling access for all to food & medicine.

Stephen Barnhill, MD

Executive Chairman, Aion Therapeutic Inc.

Dr. Barnhill is a physician, fellowship trained in Laboratory Medicine and Board Certified by the American Board of BioAnalysis, an expert in artificial intelligence, an inventor on more than 40 patents globally and is an experienced pharmaceutical and biotech executive with experience as a CEO in both private and public companies in the United States and internationally. Previously, he was Founder, Chairman and CEO of a U.S. publicly-traded international biotech company, which he took from inception to profitability. Throughout his career, Dr. Barnhill has negotiated and executed deals with many companies including Pfizer, Corning-MetPath, Quest Diagnostics, Clarient (now GE Healthcare), LabCorp, NeoGenomics, Abbott, Bruker and others. He has published many papers with academics including those from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center and others.

Allison Schaper

Founder/CEO The Multiverse

Alli is an entrepreneur, community builder, and wellness enthusiast. After getting her CPA and Masters in Accounting she started her career in corporate innovation and healthcare consulting. In 2019 she launched Zigii and since then has partnered with 100+ wellness brands and industry leading clients in the hospitality, corporate, and retail spaces. Her experience to date as a wellness tech founder and background in management consulting has given her expertise in evaluating and advising across the wellness industry.

Eddie Jacobs

Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Eddie Jacobs is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford's Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities. Having worked on scientific and policy projects at the Beckley Foundation, a UK-based NGO that researches psychedelics, in October he began a PhD to outline the ethical challenges of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, how these challenges might best be met, and how they invite a reconsideration of frameworks of psychiatric practice.

Gary Heferle

Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC

Gary is the owner of Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC - a family owned gourmet mushroom farm in Denver, CO. His background in Medical Laboratory Science has led him to pioneer the aspects of safe growing practices in commercial cultivation and he strives to bring safety awareness to this newly evolving field of food and science. A few key factors can greatly reduce waste and improve quality and health while growing mushrooms.

Tracy Komlos

Founder/CEO The Multiverse

Tracy is a marketing and branding expert, global community builder, startup consultant and was the Founder & CEO of Pangea Dreams, the #1 industry leader in women's educational and creative retreats. She has 7+ years of experience scaling an international business in travel and wellness. Her extensive knowledge in brand partnerships, sponsorships, production, social media management and launching digitally native companies has made her a respected authority in all things digital creativity, experience design, and entrepreneurship.

Sam Chapman

Campaign Manager, Yes On Measure 109

Sam Chapman is the Campaign Manager for the Yes On Measure 109 Campaign, a statewide ballot measure seeking to create the first ever state wide regulated psilocybin therapy program in the United States. Sam has over a decade of experience in advocating for progressive drug policy reforms at the local, state, and national level. His previous experience includes consulting for statewide political campaigns, assisting local governments in writing rules and regulations, crafting and advocating for equitable access to emerging healthcare treatment options, and identifying new opportunities within emerging industries. Sam has been a resident of Oregon for 25 years. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon in Philosophy and Political Science.

Caine Barlow

Fungi Educator, Mycologist

Caine Barlow is a fungi educator who has been cultivating and studying fungi for 14 years. In 2019 he completed a Master's degree where his research project was to predict a preliminary conservation status for many Australian fungi. When not growing fungi, Caine volunteers his time with Entheogenesis Australis, MYCOmmunity Applied Mycology, and the Australian Psychedelic Society. He writes for DoubleBlind and is also a regular contributor, “trusted identifier” and administrator on a variety of fungi oriented website forums and facebook groups.

Stefany Nieto

Chief Operating Officer of Gwella

Stefany is the Chief Operating Officer of Gwella, a company rooted in the wellness and betterment of humans through the magic of mushrooms. She is deeply committed to Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through her consulting efforts with various startups, accelerators, and in her mentorship role through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub.

Craig M. Trester

Applied Mycologist, Educator, & Citizen Scientist

Craig M. Trester is an educator and citizen scientist that utilizes principles of biomimicry and traditional ecological knowledge through applied mycology to develop regenerative solutions for many of the environmental challenges that impact our world. Through educational outreach he has sought to provide people with the knowledge and resources to recognize and practically apply the benefits that fungi have to offer our health, environment, and society. Aside from Craig's work as an educator much of his research focuses upon how might the qualitatively regenerative principles and techniques of permaculture be combined with the quantitatively powerful tools of molecular biology to paint a picture of the deeper ecological connections throughout nature facilitated by our microbial world. He believes novel approaches for bioremediation, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture can be made a reality, through research of fungi and soil biology, diligent observation of our surroundings, and intentional application of beneficial microorganisms.

David Mokler, PhD,

Professor Emeritus at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of New England

David Mokler, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of New England has 40 years of experience in neuroscience research. He studied at Michigan State University with Richard Rech examining the role of serotonin in the actions of hallucinogenic drugs. He did a post-doctoral fellowship with John Rosecrans at the Medical College of Virginia examining the effects of THC and MDMA on the brain. He spent the remainder of his career at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at UNE. He retired in 2019 but maintains an active research lab. He joined the team at HAVNlife in 2020.

Alessandra Nicole Russo

Captain, Arcana Armada

Alessandra Nicole Russo studies archetypal dynamics through a deep ecological lens. She was a founding member of Fungi Academy, a mushroom cultivation training center based in Guatemala, where she shared mushroom cultivation and laboratory skills, offered workshops on fungal ecology, medicinal mushrooms, and ethnomycology, and organized educational retreats and celebrations. She is currently based in Northern California, where she is currently developing a program to catalyze individual and collective healing through fantasy role-playing events.

Gaurav Dubey

Content Editor, Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Gaurav Dubey is a dynamic clinical biologist and evidence-based branding professional with a fervent passion for science media, public education and world travel. As the content editor for Microdose Psychedelic Insights, Gaurav is uniquely suited to combine his clinical and research background with his talents as a media professional to curate powerful multimedia content for the psychedelic space. After personally experiencing the profound impact of plant medicine, Gaurav began his pursuit in evidence-based content shifting from the lab to the laptop by creating content for the medical cannabis space. Through helping cannabis brands establish their narrative through a strategic, evidence-based approach, he gained much of the insight he applies to the emerging psychedelic landscape today.

Gaurav earned his dual bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from the University of Miami in 2011 and his Master’s in Biotechnology from Rush University Medical Center in 2015. He was published as lead author in the world's leading transplant journal, The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, for a study investigating second-time lung re-transplantation. He believes through science and psychedelics, extraordinary things are possible and the limits of human potential can be unlocked.

Dr Delsa Ghorbani, BDS(Manc), MSc (Merit)(Manc)

Medical Mycologist with Clinical and Laboratory training at Wythenshawe Hospital

Dr Delsa Ghorbani BDS(Manc), MSc (Merit)(Manc) is a Medical Mycologist with Clinical and Laboratory training at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Senior House Officer (DCT 1) working at Eastbourne District General Hospital- Eastbourne, Queen Victoria Hospital - East Grinstead, Uckfield Hospital- Uckfield & Conquest Hospital- Hastings. General Dentist at Dentistry For You, Eastbourne. In her free-time Dr Delsa enjoys being an Opera Singer, composer and musician and has been lucky to have performed on international television and radio. Dr Delsa is an aspiring Oral Medic with particular interest in Infectious Diseases due to her Medical Mycology background.

The Conscious Fund invests in early stage ventures in plant powered medicine. We are helping the psychedelic medicine space to grow ethically and sustainably through our work with Seed to Series A companies.

Media Partners

Psyindex is a media partner with the leading psychedelics index, powered by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN). A leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the cannabis industry, CFN helps private, pre-public and public cannabis companies in the US and Canada attract capital, investors and media attention.

The Third Wave is dedicated to educating individuals about responsible psychedelic use within the context of optimal mind-body-spirit wellness.

Their Mission is to facilitate the world’s adoption of psychedelics as a catalyst for personal development and collective well-being.

Their Vision is to co-create a global culture that embraces psychedelics as necessary tools for healing and transformation.

Hub News is a bi-monthly digital magazine for anyone with an interest in healthcare.  Sharing best practice, news, case studies and valuable insight, this interactive resource is sent directly to the inbox of subscribers.  Subscribe for free.   

Psilocybin Alpha is the definitive resource for investors in the emergent psychedelic medicine sector. Cut through the noise with breaking news, exclusive interviews, industry data and curated private financing opportunities.


Since hosting the Virtual Psychedelic Conference where over 1,000 people gathered to hear 100+ speakers over 2 days, we recently hosted the Ketamine Conference as our first Molecular Masterclass.

In addition, we now host ongoing series such as Psychedelic Capital, Psychedelics &, plus various podcast circuits where our speakers/sponsors showcase to the diverse Microdose network of UHNWIs, Analysts, Family Offices, Scientists, VCs, International Firms, PE & Funds, and a variety of specific niches. Through these events, we’ve built an audience of thousands of investors and international professionals working or interested in psychedelics.


Selected sponsors have the unique opportunity to gain access to our full digital marketing and PR suite, placing their brand in front of 110,000+ customers, decision-makers and influencers.

Leading sponsors will also have the opportunity to personally connect with investors and multinational corporates through 1-on-1 investor briefings. Please email for further details.


All tickets are offered on a first-come first-served basis. If you are an accredited or high net worth investor, please contact us for a complimentary ticket at

If you are an accredited member of the press, please contact us for a media pass at

* Please note that companies and speakers may change from time to time. The sector is so busy that we occasionally have to make amendments on short notice.

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