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The Opening: an online meditation retreat to attune with the openings of this time, with Michele Kambolis, MA, PhD. (cand.)

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Can you feel the significance of this time? Do you sense the opening, a portal of awareness showing us that the old ways of seeing and being are falling away, making room for a transformational shift?

We are all part of a radical change in our humanity -- and with that comes an invitation to heal, to deepen, and to lift into the highest self. With that comes a new capacity to rise up and out of fear, soften our hearts, and reconnect with our core nature of goodness.

Whether you’re new to meditation or are already rooted in practice, join me in a 3-hour retreat to honour the opening, to learn and practice the meditation tools to support the transformation, and take time to reflect and ask questions alongside our community.

From the comfort of your home, let’s steady our energy together. Let’s establish consistent refuge.

The steps for this daily approach to meditation can help open up a gateway to freedom unlike any other method I have used in over 20 years of mind-body health practice and I’d be honoured to share it with you.

The Opening is a 3 hour online meditation retreat to:

Attune with the openings of this time

With the wisdom practice of meditation, it is possible to be fully present to everything that is arising in your life, even in the midst of great challenge. Over three hours I’ll guide you through a life changing practice that will honour you exactly where you are and take you deeply into self-knowing.

Heal the mind and body

Daily meditation is scientifically proven to heal and strengthen your mind-body system, but committing the time for committed practice can be challenging. Over three hours of meditation training I’ll introduce you to meditations scientifically proven to heal the mind and body, one breath at a time.

Feel calmer

Are you ready to rise out of anxiety and fear? During this half day retreat you’ll discover meditations to help you calm your nervous system and shift the internal conditions that are blocking your highest well being. I’ll guide you in a meditation you can use daily to release blocks and feel new levels of peace and happiness.

Gain clarity

Stress can cloud the mind and limit our ability to be fully present. I’ll support you to release the conditions of the mind that keep you feeling stuck or unclear. You’ll discover meditations designed to open up portals to knowing and realign with your own unique dharma.

Deepen Connection

Meditation retreats educate both the heart and mind. I’ll share with you the meditations, mantras, and practical tools that will transform judgement into compassion and deepen your connection with self and all others.

Are you wanting to access the many benefits of meditation but aren’t sure where to begin?

This Class Is Perfect For You If:

  • You’re completely new to meditation and feel squirmy just thinking about it.
  • You’ve meditated now and again but haven’t been able to make meditation a regular practice.
  • You are an avid meditator and would like to realign with your tools, deepen the practice, and connect with the potency of the sangha/community.
  • You’re ready to enter into powerful healing work that will lead you back to who you are in truth and transcend barriers to a direct and clear connection with higher consciousness.

Over three hours of awareness training, I will share what I have learned over 35 years of dedicated meditation practice and my more recent research on approaches proven to help you stay committed. I’ll interweave the latest scientific dharma with wisdom teachings, laying the foundation for your ongoing practice and ultimate freedom. You’ll discover what it means to embody the wisdom of meditation in all that you already are and are bringing to the world.

Open to beginning meditators as well as seasoned practitioners. Instructions for both sitting and walking meditation will be offered, along with journal prompts and time for questions.

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