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The Original Message Seminar: Making Spirituality Tangible

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Bidwell Room, The West End Community Center

870 Denman Street Vancouver

Vancouver, BC V6G 1J6


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"A star does not shine from the Energy of others: Have confidence; like the first Spark of morning Light against the entire night sky, recognize the Power and the Brilliance within you."

We are delighted to invite you to a transformational evening with Marrett Green.

All religions tell us to have (blind?) faith; yet we know faith is for those without Knowledge. King Solomon said: "It's The Glory Of God To Conceal A Matter, and the honour of kings to seek them out. Nostradamus said: "Heaven is as close to our senses, as the earth is to our feet. Science tells us we are living a physical existence within a metaphysical paradigm. Nature Gives us enough to reflect upon for a Greater Understanding of that which we see, and suspect.

Join us for this unique opportunity to engage in an explorative conversation on discoveries about YOU and your Tangible Connection to Spirituality in the science we know.

All are welcome to Join, Listen and Share. And of course it's FREE (as Source Energy). We hope to see you there.

Curious for further details? Please contact with any questions.

Comments From Previous Attendees:

TUES., APRIL 17, 2018 - Vancouver, WestEnd Community Centre

---I wish more people would join this program. I went into the Bidwell room for this program called The Original Message: Making Spirituality Tangible. I really enjoyed it, most enlightening with pictures to explain the meaning of spirituality.

Transcribed from WECC Comment Box

-- Hello Marrett,
I found your presentation very informative and a lot of it resonated with me as I have been fascinated by Egyptian culture from childhood many mysteries there....
If it's not too much trouble, let me know about the next series of the Original Message/ Spirituality

SAT., JAN. 13, 2017 - Vancouver, Bidwell Room, WECC

--- Hi Marrett

I'll watch for your future events and let my friends know. I'm part of a spiritual Bookclub and they would have loved your presentation today. We've been reading much of what I imagine informs your perspectives.... You were definitely talking a familiar and beloved language!!!!

Your passion for the Road Less Travelled and for the true nature of existence is tangible, infectious and substantial. It was a pleasure and privelege to be in the presence of one as lit with love for creation as you are. I was touched and intrigued by your Personal sharing, expanded in my knowledge by the research you shared, and inspired in my soul to dive further into the invisible realms for guidance rather than buy the (stale) status quo. Deep gratitude for your courage and commitment to open all channels to love, and to live your purpose as a messenger on this precious earth --the school of love.
-Sara Kammerzell, M Ed.

SAT. JUNE 10, 2016 - Vancouver

---This event was a wow experience, a truly fascinating seminar Im hugely grateful for attending. Thank you SO SO much to the incredible Marrett Green for sharing so kindly. See you next time without hesitation

SAT. APRIL 2, 2016 - Vancouver

--- Great message! Very accessible and well presented. I wish more people get to hear your message and are able to open their hearts and minds.

--- That was a great seminar Marrett! It was ment to be, your dream and experience in Egypt and me reading about the great pyramid right before the event was really weird but really cool!

--- The seminar was incredible! Marrett is an amazing person and it was beautiful the way he shared his experiences and his knowledge with us. Everything he said was very interesting and it was based in a lot of research. He is very smart and it's nice to see how even though he already knows a lot, he's open to keep learning. During and after the seminar he was very open to answer questions and to listen to comments and suggestions. I'm really grateful that our paths crossed and I can't wait for the next seminars! Thank you so much Marrett! =)

SAT. FEBRUARY 20, 2016 - Vancouver

--- Hi Marrett,
Great presentation the other day, it was quite insightful and the discussion afterwards was very entertaining:).
- Janice

--- So grateful that Our paths crossed. Your seminar was awesome. I hope you'll be in touch to advise me of your future seminars so I can offer it to my friends. I would love to be able to talk to you more and to share experiences, and beliefs. Our discussion after your seminar was not only intriguing, awesome and mind boggling. Loved it. Grateful for sharing your experiences.
- Jasna

I would recommend this seminar to anyone with an open mind no matter where they are on the journey to realizing their spirituality. Marrett not only shares with us a number of fascinating examples of first hand experiences but also world phenomenons backed by scientific research, which helps link the tangibles to the intangibles; thereby helping us to consider the bigger picture of things.
- Loretta

SUN. OCTOBER 16, 2011 - Vancouver

--- Marrett radiates a spiritual assurance of well-being and a thoughtful, non-contentious poise that informs and animates his insightful comments. A fun evening. Hope to have him back at some point.
- Member

--- I always like to hear various POVs & Marrett provided quite a fascinating lecture & discussion.
- John F.

--- Wonderful evening tonight with Marrett, like a galactic cafe this elegant and poetic presentation on Source energy that we are all a part of and the truth and evidence of the metaphysical intelligent design of creation... great job come again.
- Steve

Date and Time


Bidwell Room, The West End Community Center

870 Denman Street Vancouver

Vancouver, BC V6G 1J6


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