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The UX Crunch MEETS Design Friday

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Work.Life Camden

13 Hawley Crescent



United Kingdom

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Due to an awesome reception last time, The UX Crunch are hosting another great mixed-theme event. We are partnering up with Estonian-Based event Design Friday, to bring you an awesome, eclectic mix of talks (not to mention the usual beer & pizza!)

Come along to Work.Life in Camden, where we will be joined by:

  • Nele Tullus, Senior UX Designer @ Mobi Lab (https://lab.mobi/)

  • Aleksandra Melnikova, Experience Design Director @ Radley Yeldar

  • Robert Pirow, Senior UX Designer @ Travelopia (TUI Group)

  • Paul Woodley, UX Designer @ Cyber Duck


To attend our events, we require you to buy an advanced ticket – Please make sure you purchase a ticket to secure your place! Price includes entry to the event, free drinks (Beers, Wines, Soft Drinks) and Pizza.

Important lease note - tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, please do not purchase a ticket if you are unable to come as we have limited seating and have to purchase the correct amount of food and drink.



Work Life - Freelancer? Or bigger business? If it’s hotdesks, coworking or private offices you want, there’s a home for you at our host sponsor Work Life. WL are an exciting new coworking partnership connecting fast‑growing businesses and global innovators

Mobi Lab - a UX design agency focused on mobile, virtual and augmented experiences. Their goal is to simplify complex technologies and business processes to be usable and understandable by end-users.



We are revolutionising the way in which Experience Designers network and improve their knowledge of the field. We host bi-monthly UX event’s in collaboration with leading companies in the UK showcasing UX case studies and knowledge. Each event is totally different and collaboration is the key to our success. We are always looking for new partners, so please get in touch for more information on how to get involved.

After listening to your feedback and comments we are trying to increase the quality of content, so both Senior and Junior UX professionals will learn something new at each event. We are continuously trying to improve and evolve our event, so please help by completing our feedback form after.

Our tickets always sell out within day’s and with over six thousand people now subscribed to our events on meetup.com and to our mailing lists, we are now the largest monthly UX meetup in Europe!!!



Wednesday 28th June 2017 @ Work.Life (13 Hawley Cres, London NW1 8NP)

We had some great feedback about our mixed theme event recently, so this month we have partnered up with Estonian-based agency Mobi Lab and their monthly networking event Design Fridays, to bring you another great event on the 28th June.

Our first half will consist of Mobi Lab's Nele Tullus, who will be exploring the importance of a balanced, targeted portfolio, followed by Robert Pirow of Travelopia (TUI), who is going to show us how to 'sell the intangable'. We will break for some networking over pizza, before we hear from Alex Melnikova, the Experience Design Director for Radley Yeldar, who will show us how to 'Get outside of our Digital Box' and lastly Paul Woodley from Cyber Duck, who will explore the importance of Age-Inclusive Design.

For more information on the talks, please see the bottom of the event page!

This is an interesting mix of talks and we are hoping there is something for each of you! Open to all levels of experience and with space for up to 80, we would like to invite you straight from work for 6.30pm, to unwind with other UX professionals over some craft beer, wines and pizza. We will be networking from 6.30pm and Guest Talks will begin around 7.10pm. This will be a great event and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Hiring managers are welcome, and if you are interested in hosting or sponsoring an event with us (and would like to get a taste of what we do), please get in touch with Myles McMorrow and we can hold you a ticket!

Tweet the event @TheUXCrunch and let’s get the ball rolling! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!



6.30pm – 7.00pm – Doors Open – Networking, Drinks + Pizza
7.00pm – 7.10pm – Taking seats
7.15pm SHARP - Guest Speaker’s presentations & Q&A (with Interval)
9.30-10.00pm - Final networking & Drinks
Doors close @ 10pm (everyone goes home)



Are UX Portfolios a thing?

Nele Tullus, Senior UX Designer @ Mobi Lab (https://lab.mobi/)

You can have the greatest creative recipe in the world, a clearly defined process, but if the resulting dish is no good, you won't reach your goal. This day and age, with the popularity of heavy case studies and the Google design sprint, the process is basically the same for everyone - we use the same components in the stew, yet for some reason it still ends up tasting a little different for everyone.

To reach your intended audience, you need to know how to mix the ingredients in a way that brings out the exact necessary flavor of your portfolio, be it for trying to get a job in a small agency or for polishing a proposal for an epic B2B project.

Selling the Intangible

Robert Pirow, Senior UX Designer @ Travelopia (TUI Group)

Robert's talk discuss UX for Travel, looking at how we sell experiences. Robert will look at how a great experience can inspire people to ensure a high conversion rate across channels by optimising the process and exploring the differences between Research types used when designing & measuring customer journeys.

Robert started off in the Advertising industry and became frustrated by the lack of feedback and understanding of the end customer or user. That was when he found UX!

Robert previously consulted for a number of SME’s and startups throughout Southern Africa, Nigeria and the UK, as well as working for the Naspers Group and Rocket Internet, helping to build creative teams and leading the design for a few very large, rapid growth ecommerce projects.

Robert currently works for Travelopia, a large travel group of around 50 companies as Senior UX designer and is involved in an array of both usability and customer experience projects.

In his spare time Robert is an avid mountainbiker and trail runner and enjoys anything outdoors.


Get Out of Your Digital Box

Aleksandra Melnikova, Experience Design Director @ Radley Yeldar

In the race for profitability, digital companies (or companies doing digital) rush to establish processes to ensure stable and successful delivery – which can often feel very mechanic, almost like an assembly line.

But they often forget something. Good design is not done in established phases. It comes from multiple drivers, from courage and from change, above all.

Good design is about getting the context right. My talk is about how important it is to shift context – to try and break the agency cycle and methods of production, whilst still being a part of it.

I will argue my points via the story of a team, looking at

  • How they were formed and what things helped them break the ice

  • How they became better moderators by playing

  • How they did creative research (what does that mean, why does it matter)

  • How they learned to design a website as a metaphor

Alex is an Experience Design Director with over 10 years of experience in design, research and team management. She has led programmes ranging from large builds to apps and successfully delivered digital experiences for major brands across finance, pharmaceuticals, media, non-profit and travel.

Alex is a big advocate of user-centric design and empathy, ensuring any concept works for multiple audiences and brings positive impact. Her clients include VISA, Lloyds, TSB, Channel 4, SKY, Aviva, VSO, GSK, British Airways and many others. Alex's role at RY is to connect the company from within, drive and deliver UX excellence and strategy to identify the most effective solutions to client challenges – She is there to challenge the status quo and deliver positive change.

Outside of work Alex loves reading, (more with a glass of good wine), writing about the connections between literature, art and design, spending time with her family and mentoring new entrants to this industry.

Age Inclusive Design

Paul Woodley, UX Designer @ Cyber Duck

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed... you get older as time goes on. Those numbers on your birthday get bigger as the years go on. That’s right young buck, YOU ARE GETTING OLD! Whatever you’re designing now, you’re going to have to deal with yourself when you hit that 65+ bracket. Imagine that?

“But old people don’t use technology!”

This statement says it all.This way of thinking has been deep-seated in most digital design for a long time. Being from a generation where our grandparents are from an analogue time of steam trains, the British Empire and cross-stitching, they have zero interest in our super-cool tech. Give them a greenhouse and a cock-a-too and they are happy. Right?

Age-Inclusive Design is incredibly powerful and Paul will show us what we can do to aid age-neutral design. Beyond accessibility cul-de-sacs, we should aim to create designs that make our digital products open to more people, easy to use and are ultimately timeless.

Paul’s passion for art and design has been a natural fascination since his early days of education and he takes great pleasure in discovering the latest trends and styles of visual medium. Drawing on that passion and knowledge, Paul injects his projects at Cyber-Duck with a look that is entrenched in user-centred ideals and is aesthetically on the money.

Paul first joined Cyber-Duck after completing the General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive course in London. Previously, he worked for ten years as a graphic/digital designer. His experience covers a vast array of projects: from print layout, exhibition design and medical publication typesetting, to email design, front-end web design/development and social media marketing.

After becoming frustrated with creating designs without referencing tangible user data, Paul shifted his passion towards user-centred design and research. He loves creating for the user and receiving design feedback directly from them – working hard to iterate and produce the best experiences possible.

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Date and Time


Work.Life Camden

13 Hawley Crescent



United Kingdom

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