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The W.A.Y. Experience 5.0 JULY

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Luminous Consciousness Advancement Centre



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The W.A.Y. Weekend,

Do you need to get away? Time for a reset? Ready to potentially have a new outlook on life? Sick and tired of the same old same old? These are some of the things and more that have happened to people while at Luminous druing the W.A.Y. weekend experience.

A view of Luminous from the Field

This weekend was designed to help people really be themselves. In this day and age there is a serious lack of authenticity, and no one is to blame. We are told how to think, how to shop, what jobs we should be doing and even how to think. No wonder many of us feel so lost and dont know why. You need a weekend to yourself. What are you waiting for?

This is a weekend all about YOU! Personal development wrapped in fun exercises in an incredible environment, this is exactly the experience you have been looking for! As you'll see from the testimonials below, everyone absolutely loved it! (they keep piling up too but I just havent had the time to update the site, mroe available upon request!)

I dont want to tell you too much about the specifics of the weekend but I do believe anyone and everyone will experience a weekend they will never forget up at Luminous! There will be some challenges, a ton of excitement, music, laugheter and maybe even some tears. One thing is for certain you will make bonds that will last a lifetime.

Some of the things you can expect are:

- Incredible High Vibrational Yoga Classes (this is not the Yoga you're thinking and its suitble for all levels of experience even if its your first yoga class) facilitated by Camelia Medrea

-The opportunity to participate in a Nativa American Sweat Lodge Ceremony (Inipi)

-The opportunity to participate in an Ice Bath led by Certified Wim Hof Instructor Giovanni Bartolomeo

- Breathwork exercises.

-The most incredible meals prepared and provided by Holistic Nutritionist Patrizia Hasou RHN.

-The Ability to explore Incredible 25 acre property with mature forest and trails

-The opportunity to truly transform yourself and break out of your shell. Many people who have attended this workshop came out of it with a different perspective on life or recieved new insights about themselves and obstacles they had been facing whether, emotional, spiritual, work related and more.

-The ability to get away from the city and whatever you are dealing with right now and have a weekend for yourself so you can truly be yourself...trust me it feels GREAT!

-Much Much more.....

We also wanted to mention that all activities are 100% optional, if you want to sit something out and are not "feeling it" thats totally cool too!

Here are a couple of the testimonials from the first group:

"The W.A.Y. weekend was relaxing, rejuvenating and a ton of fun. I was surrounded by amazing and loving people while I spent the weekend living at the beautiful Luminous retreat centre on 25-acres of land, equipped with an infrared sauna, a natural pool, sweat lodge, forest, ice bath, ping pong, and the most delicious healthy and organic food.

I explored myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through a series of workshops and activities, all of which were awesome. I gained a lot from the weekend, including powerful connections with a new group of friends."

- Michael Sanders

"This weekend will allow you to see others and yourself in a different light. It will bring compassion, empathy, intuition and joy to the forefront of your consciousness. It might push you beyond your comfort zone but will make you more comfortable with who you truly are. Activities are planned and carried out with intent and purpose and will leave you with memories you will cherish forever.

I've been on a spiritual journey for the last few years and this weekend took my journey to a whole new level. I learned to much about myself and more importantly learned to accept so much more about myself. Our life is about the people in it and about the love, joy and peace we can bring to those people and to the world.

If you've ever thought "there's got to be more to life that this" or just feel stuck, unhappy or unsure, you should spend a weekend with some other people who might be feeling the same. Compassion, empathy, acceptance, kindness, love and joy are some of the words to describe what I felt this weekend. This is how we can come back to the essence of what we need in our lives and how we can begin to show others the same. "

- Patrizia Hasou

“I didn’t know what to expect going into The W.A.Y. Retreat and it was for exactly that reason that I experienced the shifts and growth that I did. No preconceptions meant for me that I was open for something new (or opening to something new?), and experience something new I did.

Giovanni Bartolomeo, both as Facilitator and Participant, elegantly wove together a number of activities that created an uncommon space of trust and connection for authentic personal growth to flourish, and deep personal transformation to take place.

Along with the many deep and enlightening experiences I had, I built life long bonds with truly amazing people and, together, we changed. I opened up to a really deep part of myself, something I hadn’t done before.

The Luminous Consciousness Advancement Centre, on 25 acres of green, was a beautiful place to hold the Retreat. Everything to sustain and fulfill you was provided including food. All in, you will feel nourished in body, mind and spirit.

If I could describe The W.A.Y. Retreat in only a few short words I would say it will leave you a more authentic, enlightened and inspired you. “

-Elliott Meltzer

"The moment I walked into the amazing facilities of the Luminous Retreat Center the Tree Mural and the Buddha brought to me a feeling of Zen peace and felt instantly welcomed.

Giovanni is an amazing facilitator for the the inner transformation and with a heart of gold.

The WAY Retreat was memorable for me. Something shifted in me energetically and I am not the same my whole being is still vibrating high."

- Camelia Medrea

"The W.A.Y Weekend was absolutely incredible. I had no idea what to expect going in. I felt so at peace and comfortable the second I stepped through the doors. It was like a second home. A beautiful piece of property sitting on an expansive 25 acres of land. The group was small and the connections were intense. Everything that happened was in a divine flow. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who hasn't had enough time to give back to themselves. time to discover who you really are and what love really means to you. Welcome to the W.A.Y."

-Elizabeth April

So, if this resonates with you (and you have read this far), then I really think you should come.

All meals and snacks are provided. We source the highest quality organic food available, and we buy local when possible.

There is a certain degree of physical activity so if you are unsure if you can do it just send me a message (its nothing too difficult I promise).

Feel free to ask any questions: giovanni@collective-evolution.com

You will recieve an email after signing up that explains what you will need to bring to the weekend retreat, including directions, etc.

So what are you waiting for? See you at Luminous!!!


Giovanni (sorry If I look too serious in this pic...I'm really serious about having fun and being yourself! LOL)

Visit our Facebook group for some pictures of the retreat center!


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Luminous Consciousness Advancement Centre



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