Transformation 2023

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Transformation 2023

Join us for a time of prayer and fasting, as we seek to be transformed during this Season of Lent.

By Shiloh Holiness Church

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1151 N River Rd 1151 North River Road Ottawa, ON K1K 2C8 Canada

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To willfully abstain from natural pleasure for a spiritual purpose - An act of the will - A personal commitment to renounce the natural for the spiritual purpose of seeking God

 Fasting is not just missing a meal

 Fasting is not dieting

 Fasting requires replacing your mealtime with Prayer & Bible Reading & Worship

 Fasting may require that you change your schedule, what you watch, listen and say

 Fasting requires paying attention to your actions and your attitude

 Fasting, changes us; not God

 Fasting, positions you for God to move in you, for you and through you

 Through fasting habits and spiritual bondages are broken

 When fasting, drink plenty of water, herbal teas, cranberry & apple juice (they contain vitamins, and they help cleanse the body of toxins)

 Break the fast with hot liquids like vegetable soup – Eat also fresh green salads, fruits and vegetables.


Normal fast – Fasting from food but not from water/liquids – Matthew 4:2

Absolute fast – Fast from food and water (Not to exceed 3 days) – Acts 9:9

Partial fast – Fast from a meal or two or fast from certain foods – Daniel 10:3

***Those who cannot fast from food can choose to fast from something like T.V or social media***

Scriptures For Meditation When Fasting: Joel 2: 12 – 19 * Isaiah 58 * Matthew 6: 1-18


 Spiritual Discipline

 Increased spiritual capacity

 Clear/sober mind

 Hunger for God & His Word

 Freedom

 Answers to prayers

 Intimacy with God

 Protection by God

 Purified body

 Loss of weight

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