Transformational Life Coaching Meaningful Conversation Monthly Meetings

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Transformational Life Coaching Meaningful Conversation Monthly Meetings

Re-Invent your life from the inside out to Joy, Balance & Fulfilment to create your desired future self & unlock your superpower in 2023.

By Lama Shaath Mine Your Inner Power

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January 26 · 7:45am - December 28 · 9pm PST



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About this event

Lama Shaath Mine Your Inner Power is inviting you to join the

Transformational Life Coaching Meaningful Conversation Monthly Meeting.

Transformational Life Coaching Meaningful Conversation is a monthly meeting coaching session where you can learn and discuss topics that will help you dig deep within yourself to Mine Your Inner Power to achieve holistic mastery and your full potential from the inside out.

Lama will incorporate her expertise in;

  1. Transformational Life Coaching
  2. Life-Work Balance & Integration
  3. Career Fulfillment & Advancement

To help you:

  • Protect yourself from burnout
  • Find your blind spots
  • Feel emotional support with empathy
  • Motivate you to invest in your life-health-career
  • Unlock your passion, energy, and full potential by providing positive reinforcement for ultimate performance
  • Find the cause and barriers to where you are, transform them and heal

The focus of each meeting will always be Holistic Mastery and how you can Mine Your Inner Power toward Triumph, Confidence & Healing.

The fruits of these coaching sessions include but are not limited to the following:

#well-being #love #harmony #self-actualization #self-acceptance #inspiration #motivation #fulfilment #empowerment #spirituality #confidence #healing

You are encouraged to bring up any topic of concern that is blocking you from:

  • Living your full potential
  • Shining your inner light and beauty from the inside out
  • Thriving in your life-career-health, and the outside world

You will:

  • Uncover preventative strategies and techniques to connect with your source of energy, and find clarity, balance and direction; in your career-health-life journey
  • Brainstorm, share, and discuss essential and meaningful, transformative life conversations to resolve your nagging doubts, challenges, and dilemmas
  • Dive and dig deep within yourself to Mine Your Inner Power for joy, peace, serenity, and more
  • Practice & learn some gentle exercises, healing meditation and mindfulness with Lama

Join me for a transformational, meaningful and fulfilling life-career-health journey.

Any questions? Please email me @

Want to learn more about the monthly meeting sessions, follow the link below:

Lama Shaath is a Career Development Practitioner (CDP), Certified Career Strategist (CCS), Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS), Transformational Coach, Wellness Coach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner. Combined with her complementary experience in the health, fitness and well-being industry, Lama has 17 years of experience. She is the creator and founder of Lama Shaath Mine Your Inner Power Coaching.

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Investment per session is $35.

Investment for the 12 monthly sessions is $ 370, SAVING OF $ 50 before January 23. Apply promo code LSMYIP

What do clients say about working with me

Lama is a fantastic life coach. As a person who has always struggled with finding a work life balance, Lama was able to deep dive into the core of my problems within the first session. She understands the challenges of life and helps you organize your way of thinking to make the right changes for yourself. The experience with her was unreal, as if she was able to see who I truly was inside, and it brought out a part of me I normally never share with people. She has helped me set realistic and manageable goals and holds you accountable so that you’re attaining what you want. Her empathic, encouraging, and professional coaching style makes you strip away the noise from the outside so you can truly look within. With Lama, I now have the confidence, clarity, and tools to figure out a career and lifestyle that matches my core values. Once you begin the sessions with her you won’t want to stop!

Veronica Huynh-Entrepreneur Victoria

Lama is a master in craft - she was very helpful to me in determining what drives me and motivates me in my work. I have avoided professional and personal coaching in the past, but Lama made the leap not only comfortable and helpful, but pointed me in the right direction for further examination of my relationship with work.

Highly recommended for those looking to avoid burnout and grow professionally.

Colin Day-Entrepreneur-Victoria

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