Transforming Cellular Memory™
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Transforming Cellular Memory™

Transforming Cellular Memory™

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147 Americas Cup Blvd

Bradenton, FL

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We are so excited to host Don Hanson, founder of the “Transforming Cellular Memory™” Process, or “TCM”, at the Inanna Sanctuary in Bradenton. This powerful process is presented in 5 sessions (averaging 2.5 hours each), and is designed to:

  • Break old un-serving patterns
  • Let go of old pain, fear and suffering for good
  • Realize and release blocks that you may not even know you have
  • Feel Joy, Love and connection like you have never felt before
  • Tap into your true creative and vibrant nature
  • Learn how to bring through this powerful healing energy and use it in your practice with yourself and others.
  • Experience transmissions of sacred healing energies
  • Feel the fountain of Kundalini Energy flowing through you
  • Learn to live in alignment with Universal Intelligence
  • Understand the Tantric way of life
  • Build intimacy with self and others through the art of listening
  • Go through deep cellular transformation
  • Learn the universal language of energy
  • Learn to ask the Intelligence for energy and have it respond immediately
  • Experience a very unique and powerful process that you cannot find anywhere else on the planet.
  • This is a Kundalini Awakening & Body Purification Process that activates and connects us to Greater Mind. It compliments Healing arts and therapies, Artists work, Yoga, Meditation & all other Spiritual Practices.
  • Great for anyone interested in making a major shift or bringing more light through their work.

During a Transforming Cellular Memory™ Workshop or Private Session, powerful surges of healing energies pour through your body igniting a profound cellular healing process.

The Intelligence of these energies knows how to penetrate the mind of your cells and unlock everything that is not you. It goes after all the old wounds, fears, belief systems and ancestral baggage stored within your cellular memory and literally expands them out into the open, transforming them into love.

As you go through this purification process, you will feel explosions and rushes of tingles throughout your body as the synapses of age-old patterns disperse. The result is an unlocking on a cellular level of all inherited behavior patterns that keep you stuck in a limited level of consciousness and perspective. The effects reverberate for days and the results last a lifetime.

With just one session or workshop, you will experience immediate shifts in your body, emotions and life. For some this may be all that is needed, but for others it is just the beginning. When those first layers of trauma and tension are touched and transformed by the Light, there is a burning desire to continue the healing and unraveling process until full enlightenment of self is realized.

Immersing yourself in this powerful transmission of Divine Light awakens the fountain of Kundalini energy inside of you. It flows through your chakras and into your brain, filling you with the most profound elixir of love, light and bliss. Eventually, it teaches you how to access and bring through these powerful energies for self and others, awakening your own innate spiritual gifts and talents.

For more information, please visit: or contact organizer Julia Malone at:

You may also wish to attend the informational meeting on January 11th where Don and Julia will be giving a one hour presentation and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Sign up for the short informational presentation by emailing

Sign up for the full sessions and secure your spot: By clicking here and making a Paypal deposit of $100 USD

WHAT: Transforming Cellular Memory (TCM) Healing and Training

WHO: FACILITATED by TCM Founder Don Hanson, ORGANIZED by Julia Malone

WHEN : January 13th-15th, 2017

WHERE: Inanna Sanctuary of Healing Light, 147 Americas Cup Blvd, Bradenton, Florida. USA

COST : $300 USD /per person OR you can pay $100 deposit by November 30th and pay $150 in cash on the day of the session, saving $50 off the total

Sessions take place in a group arranged in a circle. When one person is worked on everyone gets the benefits. We are all mirrors for one another and if you don’t know this now you will understand when you are in the circle. Although speaking up in the circle can aid in activating a deeper level of healing, it is possible not to say anything and have someone in the circle bring up something that triggers an emotion and healing in your own body. It’s so easy to be vulnerable in this safe container that Don and the facilitators create. There are 5 sessions in total each about 2.5 to 3 hours.


Free Intro to Transforming Cellular Memory talk – Wednesday January 11th (Value of over $100 )

Friday 13th of January
Evening Circle Session 6pm-9pm

Saturday 14th
Circle Session 10 am-
Break 12.00pm
Circle Session 1:30pm –5:30

Sunday 15th
Circle Session 10 am-
Break 12pm
Circle Session 1pm –3pm

Don Hanson

Don Hanson, founder of the Transforming Cellular Memory™ Program

“As you peel back layers you start to shine even brighter, learn more about yourself, the energy and SO MUCH MORE! The value of this work is priceless. Let’s go on a Transformational Adventure together!” – Julia Malone

Julia Malone

Organized by, Julia Malone, founder of Transformational Adventures.

Michael and Frejya

Sponsored by Michael and Freyja Inanna, cofounders of Inanna Sanctuary

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147 Americas Cup Blvd

Bradenton, FL

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