Trauma-Informed Practice Training for Coaches - Level 1

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Trauma-Informed Practice Training for Coaches is training to help coaches work with clients on trauma safely and ethically.

About this Event

This Level 1 workshop is the first in a series of workshops designed to help coaches feel more comfortable when working with clients with unresolved trauma. This workshop will benefit those seeking a thorough stand-alone training, and practical and effective tools to help their clients. This workshop will also include case studies to deepen the learning.

While deep trauma is the work of a therapist, coaches can do significant work with clients who are feeling stuck due to maladaptive defensive behaviours and saboteurs formed as a result of unresolved, complex or acute trauma.

Currently, society is experiencing collective trauma with the novel Coronavirus, so trauma training is more important than ever. Experts predict as time goes on we are going to see many more people showing signs of stress regarding ongoing uncertainty, social distancing, fear of sickness and concerns regarding economic security.


This workshop is being facilitated by Trauma-Informed Process Coach, Philip Hicks, and therapist and trauma training facilitator Trish Walsh because they believe there is a need for more trauma-informed training specifically tailored to Coaches who often encounter trauma related saboteurs and defence mechanisms when working with clients.

This workshop provides a deeper understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and how to help clients process and heal those traumatic memories to help them have a deeper coaching experience that creates long-lasting changes in their lives.

Topics Covered

- Why become a Trauma-Informed Coach?

- What is trauma? The Neurobiology of the Continuum of Trauma

- Understand how Emotion and Traumatic Memory is Discharged from the Body

- What are some of the Side-Effects of Unprocessed Trauma that your Clients may be Experiencing?

- How Unresolved Trauma can Impact your Client’s Success

- Highly Effective Emotional Regulation Tools to help Clients stay within their “Window of Tolerance” and Heal Limiting Beliefs

- Helping your Client find their ‘what for’ to do Trauma Work

- How to Work with your own Triggers and Limiting Beliefs as a Coach

- When to Refer a Client to a Therapist

- Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth and Resilience

Certificate of Completion will be provided.


Philip Hicks

Philip is an international Trauma-Informed Process Coach who specialises in working with clients with anxiety. Philip also coaches online on Anger Management and how to safely express it.

Philip is a strength-based, client-informed coach who helps clients to see their own power and strength to grow and have everything they have ever imagined…and have yet to imagine.

Originally from the UK, Philip now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has an international web-based coaching practice working with clients in Europe, The Middle East and North America.

Philip has recently started training coaches in safe trauma-informed methods to work with coaching clients to help them have life-changing transformations and growth.

Philip specialised in Trauma-Informed Process Coaching after finding many of his clients were experiencing huge shifts in their trauma healing once the forward looking approach of coaching was used to give them significant enough reasons to want to process their trauma. Many of Philip’s clients come to him having had years of therapy and not having had the shifts they so desperately want in their lives.

Philip has worked with clients who have experienced a myriad of trauma from sexual abuse, physical abuse, bereavement, addiction, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and suicidal ideation to name a handful.

For more information: www.philiphickscoaching.com

Trish Walsh

Trish is a counsellor, life coach, teacher, and trauma-informed practice training facilitator, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Trish’s training and focus is in the area of Transpersonal Psychology, which integrates Eastern philosophies within the framework of modern psychology.

Since 2016 Trish has focused on developing and facilitating trauma informed trainings for university students, physicians, psychologists, and other mental health therapists who are interested in updating their knowledge and skills in the area of trauma healing.

In addition to Trish’s counselling practice, her work over the last twenty years has focused on knowledge translation: specifically, synthesizing research findings in medicine and mental health care to decision makers within Canada’s Federal and Provincial Governments, and to physicians, mental health professionals, and other allied health care providers, along with corporations, community groups and the general public.

Trish has tremendous passion for conveying research information in an engaging and easy to understand way, aiding decision makers in their funding and public policy decisions, and helping individuals to learn practical strategies for better health, happiness, and personal success. Trish has also consulted for a number of non-profit organizations and industries to bring health information to their organizations and through community outreach.

For more information: www.trishwalsh.ca

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Online Event

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