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Prana Physiotherapy

420 Columbia Street

Vancouver, BC V3L 1B1


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Learn the best in knee assessment and treatment PLUS get elite marketing and clinic growth strategies!

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TRIGENICS® Knee Course Plus

Location: Prana Physiotherapy 420 Columbia St 4th Floor, New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1


Primary functional anatomy of the knee, hip, and pelvis are reviewed. Students then learn basic concepts of neurogenic functional muscle imbalances and how this relates to the cause and perpetuation of common knee conditions. Correction of muscle pull pattern imbalances and improper biomechanics is also taught for a rapid resolution treatment outcome of common knee conditions. Some emphasis is placed on delineated sequencing of Trigenics® myoneural therapy procedures to treat patellofemoral pain syndrome, chondromalacia patella, and knee osteoarthritis. The Trigenics® Knee Course allows participants to pinpoint the specific causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain using the unique Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurokinetic Assessment system.



1. What is Trigenics?

2. How Does Trigenics Work?

3. Components of Trigenics – Neurogenics, Myogenics, Autogenics

4. Trigenics & Re-Training the Brain

5. Role of Trigenics in Pain/Injury Management

6. Basics of Trigenics Muscular Imbalances Assessment – Trigenics Myoneural Map

7. Foundations of Trigenics Muscle Length Testing

8. Foundations of Trigenics Muscle Strength Testing

9. Theory of Trigenics Lengthening Procedure – Golgi Tendon Reflex

10. Trigenics Effect on Fascia

11. Theory of Trigenics Strengthening Procedure – Reciprocol Inhibition Reflex

12. Resistance Loading Reflex

13. PDM Application

14. Trigenics Instruments – Arthrostim/Vibracussor


1. Popliteus – Lengthening & Strengthening

2. Suprapatellar Tendon & Bursa –Strengthening

3. Rectus Femoris/Quadriceps - Lengthening & Strengthening

4. Infrapatellar Tendon - Strengthening

5. Vastus Lateralis - Strengthening

6. Vastus Medialis - Strengthening

7. Iliopsoas - Lengthening & Strengthening

8. Gluteus Maximus - Lengthening & Strengthening

9. Gluteus Medius/Minimus - Lengthening & Strengthening

10. Hip External Rotators - Lengthening & Strengthening

11. Tensor Fascia Latae - Lengthening & Strengthening

12. Adductors - Lengthening & Strengthening

13. Hamstrings - Lengthening & Strengthening

14. Gastrocnemius - Lengthening & Strengthening

15. Multifidus / Lumbar Erectors - Lengthening & Strengthening

16. Quadratus Lumborum - Lengthening & Strengthening


Each registrant is randomly given a muscle to delineate origin/insertion and action. Length and strength assessment is then demonstrated. Lastly, a Trigenics Lengthening & Strengthening procedure is demonstrated.

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Date and Time


Prana Physiotherapy

420 Columbia Street

Vancouver, BC V3L 1B1


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