Vancouver Plan Neighbourhood Workshop: Downtown & Surrounding

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Vancouver Plan Neighbourhood Workshop: Downtown & Surrounding

Virtual Neighbourhood Area Workshops: Downtown, West End, Downtown Eastside, Strathcona

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A real-time workshop facilitated by City staff for a discussion of choices and priorities from a neighbourhood perspective for how Vancouver could grow into the future. Your input will help to create a city-wide plan to guide growth and change to 2050 and beyond.

What Can You Expect?

The workshop will feature a mix of activities, including an update on the Vancouver Plan, a mix of large-group activities and focused small group discussions. The focus of these workshops will be both on the city-wide opportunities identified through the planning process and on what these opportunities might mean in different parts of the city.

Workshops take place online, and are approximately 90 minutes in length (including an optional 15 minute Q&A session). The workshop will be broadcast using Zoom and make use of other interactive online tools (see “Technology Requirements” below). The sessions are free.

You don’t need to live in the engagement area in order to participate. The workshop is open to anyone interested in the future of the city and its neighbourhoods.



Closed captioning and ASL interpretation will be available for those who require it. Should you require ASL support, please make sure to note this on the registration form.

Registration and password

A password to access this webinar will be sent to all registrants via email in the days and hours preceding the event.

Commitment to community guidelines and social accountability

All participants are asked to participate as socially accountable community members. We ask that you review these guidelines ahead of your participation in the event. Thank you for respecting our community guidelines!

We strive to ensure the safety of our guests and speakers. There will be zero tolerance for those who promote violence against others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or different ability. Anyone who incites harm towards others will be removed at the discretion of our technical team and moderator.

Respect the opinions of others. Every participant brings information, points of view and ideas to contribute.

Share opportunities for airtime equally. If you’ve asked a question or shared a comment, ensure that new voices are heard before you contribute again

Practice self-care: if you need to get up or take a break, please feel free to do so.

Technology requirements - IMPORTANT

This workshop will involve the use of a few different software applications. The workshop will be broadcast using Zoom. Engagement activities will also use Slido and Mural.

• You can use Zoom via your regular web browser; however, for ease of use, you may wish to download the free “app” version – available here:

• No accounts are necessary for either Slido and Mural

To engage fully we recommend

• the use of a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. Smartphones can be used, but owing to the nature of the activities are not recommended

• Speakers or headphones for audio

• For ASL speakers: a webcam

If you do not have access to a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet:

In-person opportunities to provide feedback on the Vancouver Plan are also offered between October 25 and November 25, 2021. For more details:


Protecting your privacy

To ensure that we are using online meeting technology in a privacy-conscious way, we are following best practices for this online event series:

• We will only circulate the meeting link to those who are registered for the event

• We will ask that participants use their first and last name as their display name on the event, so we can check incoming participants against the event registration list

To protect your own privacy we suggest that:

• You use a unique email address to log into the event. This is to ensure that the platform doesn’t conflate input from multiple users of the same email.

• We suggest you do not use your Facebook profile to log in. This is so that the webinar platform can’t cross-reference you with your Facebook account.

• We remind you that whatever you contribute during the live workshop is public and may be recorded, so please do not share sensitive information about yourself or others, and do not say anything you do not wish to enter the public domain.

To protect the privacy of others we ask that:

• You do not record or photograph yourself, other participants, or the hosts during the webinar, unless permission is requested and given.

Using Eventbrite for Registration

The City of Vancouver uses the Eventbrite program for the convenience of the public. However, if you prefer, you need not use Eventbrite and you may register for this event by emailing the City of Vancouver at You should provide personal information to us only by the methods that you authorize.

NOTE THAT ANY INFORMATION SUBMITTED TO EVENTBRITE WILL BE STORED ON SERVERS IN THE UNITED STATES AND ACCESSED IN THE UNITED STATES, AS AND FOR THE PURPOSES DESCRIBED IN THE "EVENTBRITE TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT (BUYERS AND OTHER NON-ORGANIZERS)" ( AND THE INCORPORATED EVENTBRITE "PRIVACY POLICY" ( Please refer to the foregoing Eventbrite documents for other information regarding the manner in which personal information that you submit will be collected, used, accessed and disclosed if you choose to use Eventbrite. By using Eventbrite, you will be deemed to agree to the terms and conditions stated in such documents, in relation to the information you submit to Eventbrite, commencing as of the date you submit such information to Eventbrite.

Personal information collected, whether via Eventbrite, email or telephone, will be used by the City of Vancouver only for the purpose of managing attendance at Vancouver Plan Neighbourhood Area Workshops. Such personal information is collected by the City of Vancouver under the authority of the s. 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions may be directed to the Director, Access to Information at 453 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1V4 or via telephone at 604-873-7999.

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