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Vernal Equinox Guided Kwan Yin Meditation and Crystal Bowl Concert

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Comfortable private home in Dollard des Ormeaux Que. Address given upon registration.



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The Angelic and Heavenly Crystalline Choir present

Equinox Renewal Meditation and Pure Sound Recalibration
with Carol and Nancy

Join us in this renewing and replenishing evening to:

Chant a sacred healing mantra to calm the mind and open the heart to the fires of compassion led by Nancy

Be guided through a channeled meditation journey to balance heart, mind and soul with Kwan Yin and our Guardian Angels led by Carol

Bathe in the pure sounds of alchemy crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and many other
sound tools

Enjoy a glass of purified crystal rose water at the end of the concert….

Space is limited. Please reserve your place at the event!

When: Tuesday, March 20 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Comfortable home in Dollard des Ormeaux.

Address to be given upon registration.

Cost: $30.00 per person at the door.

Space is limited. Please reserve your place at the event!

To reserve your spot call Carol at: 514-631-5759 or

e-mail at:

Or text: 438-777-3127

The Angelic and Heavenly Crystalline Choir

invite you to a

Vernal Equinox Guided Meditation and Crystal Bowl Concert

where we will be joined by

Quan Yin and our Guardian Angels!

March 20 2018 is the Vernal Equinox. It is the time of year where the day and night are equal in length.

Things are balanced. On that night we will be joined by Kwan Yin and our Guardian Angels! They can help us to ensure that we are balanced as well! When our mental, emotional, energetic and physical bodies are balanced,

our life can flow with greater ease. This can help us to manifest our most beautiful and fulfilling life!

Kuan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, she is an East Asian Bodhisattva, female Buddha. Kuan Yin is an Ascended Master who has promised to stay with humanity until we ascend!

Kuan Yin and our Guardian Angels will take us on an exquisite journey into Kwan Yin's realm, where they will

be joining us, to inundate us in sweet compassion, mercy, love and delicious peace! This circle is all about

re-calibration, renewal, refreshment and replenishment. Similar to finding water after days in a dry, barren desert.

The Angels will work with the Devic Realms through the power of the Crystal Bowl energies!

The powerful vibration of the crystal bowls can enhance and support the work and intentions

that you set with the Angelic Realm.

We would be so happy if you could join us!

Nancy Fuoco will give us a crystal bowl concert using a spectacular array of crystal bowls.

Using her deep intuition she will guide us through a symphony of stone and crystal of the

terrestrial realm which can help us to reach deep levels of spiritual understanding and grace.

Alison Carol Blackburn will channel the celestial realms in order to lead a Guided Angel Meditation.

She can help us to connect with and travel to and though the Angelic and Divine realms. Carol has

been trained to hold open a portal between the Angelic realm and ours. We will travel through that

portal to be greeted by the Archangels and the Angels.

Nancy Fuoco is also an experienced meditation facilitator and has given crystal bowl and sound healing

concerts for the last 7 years. For over two decades, she has sought to liberate her heart and spirit

by pursuing studies in spiritual psychotherapy, quantum medicine and crystal and sound healing therapies.

It is an honour for her to now serve others in their awakening by offering spiritual counselling

reprogramming of beliefs and clearing emotions), energetic therapies, crystal and sound healing as well

as a massage, reflexology and rebirthing practitioner. Her passion is also to teach the healing properties

of crystals and the profound healing force of the divine feminine.

Visit her website at:

Call:(514) 690-2009

Alison Carol Blackburn: Carol has been immersed in the study of different aspects of spirituality

since the mid 90’s. She has been working as an Angel Intuitive Counselor since 2005. Carols mission

is to help individuals to learn aboutand connect with their own Guardian Angels and other aspects

of the Divine, through private consultations, parties, group gatherings, public speaking events,

as well as through regularly held guided Angel or Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Meditation Circles.

When we connect with this energy we can receive insights, help with various aspects and issues

in our lives, healing, energy clearing, past life work, chord cutting as well as being given a

boost of Divine energy, which can in turn bring us great peace and joy!

Call:514 631 5759

Text:438 777 3127

Date and Time


Comfortable private home in Dollard des Ormeaux Que. Address given upon registration.



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