Vision Workshop

Vision Workshop

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Feeling lost or unmotivated? We can fix that! We'll cover how you can create a vision for yourself that motivates you to take action.

About this event

In this interactive workshop ...

You'll follow along, step by step, on creating a vision of yourself that you can feel excited about. By the end of the workshop, you'll come out of it with a vision for yourself and actionable goals that are aligned with this vision.

Who is this for?

Whether you're feeling lost, unmotivated, or simply need a realignment on your direction — there's something here for you.

Be prepared

  1. Have a pen & paper handy — this is super interactive.
  2. Show up 5-10 minutes early. If you're late, you're not getting in.
  3. Be present and free of distractions.

What we'll cover

1. Clear your mind

Using a mix of meditation and journalling, we'll reduce some of the everyday noise bouncing around ours minds. This sets the "mood" and increases mental focus for the following activities.

2. Surface your values

Through guided reflection, you'll surface meaningful moments from your past. Pulling meaning and insights from these memories in order to inform your future vision.

3. Generate your future

Through guided reflection and journalling, we'll visualize and capture a version of your future self that is true to your current values. Whether that be in 3 months or 2 years, that's up to you. Effectively acting as your internal compass for action.

4. Take action

With your direction set, we'll take a look at immediate action steps you can take, and — most importantly — the obstacles in the way.

What people are saying

"The vision workshop with Michael was great and actionable. No matter your needs or where you are in your life, anyone can benefit from clarifying their vision and what needs to be done to get there." — Hersson P.

"If you are writing down the same new year’s resolution for the past few years like me, you’re in the right place. I took the introduction class and learned how to set and to work towards goals that are meaningful to me. Thanks, Mike!" — Sophie P.

"Michael's experience and expertise made for an efficient and effective workshop. The steps were motivating and held my attention, it was quick paced, but sufficient time to jot down the succinct gist of each step; finished with good cues and a plan to carry out goals" — Steph S.

"The vision workshop was a great first step towards helping me out of my project rut. So many times I tried to think of what I would like to do next but just end up setting bad goals and forgetting all about them. Michael will give you some very simple but very effective steps towards getting things done!" — Vladim A.

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