Web Search Methods & Techniques Live Training Program

Web Search Methods & Techniques Live Training Program

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Online Classes to Become a Certified Internet Research Specialist (CIRS™) - The Best Certification for Today's In-Demand Career...

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Starting from 2nd Nov, 2022

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Learn “Web Search Skills Methods and Techniques”

Web Search Certification

The program is run by the “Association of Internet Research Specialists”. Students use virtual classrooms across countries worldwide. The association education system gives you the opportunity to not only learn from your instructors but allows interactive participation with your fellow students from different parts of the world. All online classes are led by a trained instructor with an extensive academic and professional background of research in various disciplines of the“Knowledge Industry”.

Internet Research Skills Training

The Web Search Skills, Methods, and Techniques Training program explains the importance of online research and helps you to know how to do internet research properly. You will learn advanced search methods and techniques, and how to use the Advanced Search Operators and Effective Search Phrase to build complex web search queries in various situations and search needs? - This learning event is focused on teaching with practical examples, following certain rules, conventions, and methods that only experts use today in professional online research work. The topics covered in this program answer questions such as; What makes the Internet work? And how do we distinguish Web Browser, Search Engine? What is the Web Application and how the search reads Web Pages of Textual Database? How does the Internet search engine point us to the information that we need?, How the search engine read Web pages?, What are some of the ways an online researcher selects search operators, notations, and symbols in creating complex search query strings? - Students are introduced to online investigative research methods. It gives insight into finding social media contacts, tracing emails, locating trolls, and performing online due diligence on people and businesses. The “Certificate of Proficiency” (COP) in “Web Search Methods & Techniques” covers Module 2 of CIRS™ exams also. Students can apply for Credits (Exemption) when appearing for CIRS™ later. 

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