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Webinar #1: KT in Public Health Medicine (Host: NCCEH)

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The six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health (NCCs) and the Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC) are proud to present the first webinar in the Knowledge Translation in Public Health Medicine series:

Title: Environmental Health Leadership Through an Equity Lens (hosted by the NCC for Environmental Health)

Presenter: Karen Rideout, Policy Analyst, BC Centre for Disease Control/NCCEH

Abstract: Health equity is a crosscutting issue that relates to every facet of public health, including environmental health. This webinar will:

1. Examine how and where health equity issues intersect with environmental public health practice, using stories and examples to illustrate how health equity issues arise in practice, how practitioners respond, and how health equity fits within a health protection mandate.

2. Clarify potential roles for frontline practitioners and environmental health leadership, including an exploration of individual-and organizational-level factors that can facilitate the application of an equity lens in environmental public health.

3. Provide action-oriented tools that can be used by individual practitioners who wish to apply an equity lens to practice, as well as resources to guide environmental health managers and leaders who plan to integrate equity within an environmental health team, department, or agency.

Speaker Bio:

Karen Rideout is a policy analyst at the BC Center for Disease Control, Environmental Health Services Division and at the National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health. She is a food systems specialist whose work focuses on the interactions between food, nutrition, the environment, and health. Dr. Rideout is the project manager for “Through an Equity Lens: A New Look at Environmental Health,” a BCCDC project to build capacity for health equity work among EHOs and other environmental health professionals in BC. Her current work also includes health and the built environment and supporting collaboration between the food security and food safety sectors.

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