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Webinar: "Integrating KT in Analytical and Interpretive Research Processes:...

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Integrating knowledge translation (KT) across the research process invites research teams to consider participatory approaches in all phases of inquiry. Though there is a strong body of literature and increasingly common practice of doing so in phases of study development, data gathering, and end-of-project activities, participatory strategies for analysis and interpretation remain relatively vague. In this seminar, we will highlight some of the theoretical and practical challenges of participatory analysis and interpretation before introducing a model for supporting the integration of KT in these phases of research. Practical strategies and methods will be discussed, including the ways in which data, the role of the researcher, and the consideration of research timelines shift when adopting this kind of approach. Doing so promotes inclusivity and long-term in one of the most critical phases of research, creating potential for usefulness, meaningfulness, and applicability of research findings in systems settings.

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Katrina Plamondon is a Registered Nurse with a clinical practice background in critical care/emergency, public health, and street outreach. She completed a Master of Science in Community Health & Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan under a CIHRfunded Strategic Training Fellowship in community and population health. Her practice and educational experiences carried her into an academic setting in 2008, first as Assistant Professor at Mount Royal University's School of Nursing then to practice support, currently serving as practice leader for research and knowledge translation for Interior Health. An experienced facilitator and systems-thinker, she strives to foster health system strengthening by enabling people across the system to use and do more research as part of their everyday practice. She has been actively involved with the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research since 2004 and currently co-leads the Policy Influence Program. In this role, she provides leadership and facilitation for advanced knowledge translation training and, since 2012, has served as the principal investigator for a multi-phased national study on issues of governance in global health research. In September 2013, she began a doctoral program in interdisciplinary studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. A Banting & Best Canada Graduate Scholar, her doctoral studies focus on researchers’ experiences and practices for doing research-for-equity.


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As a virtual CoP, we have no physical presence so encourage email or Twitter (@BCKTCoP) when contacting us.

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