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Webinar: Understanding Third-Party Certification: Opportunities and Challen...

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Increasingly, consumers are seeking products that provide assurances about the ingredients or materials they contain, the working conditions of the producers, and their impact on the environment. Evolving consumer demand has generated exciting cross-sectoral opportunities for SME exporters in developing countries. The core purpose of this webinar is to provide exporters with an informed understanding of the benefits and challenges of attaining third-party certification. Exporters will develop their understanding of how their products may become certified by a third-party organization and why this certification may be strategic for market entry. Exporters will be made aware of the potentially opportunities of certifying their product, and also understand the associated challenges.

Date: May 17th 10 - 11:30 am

Moderator: Clarecia Christie, Project Manager, Trade Information Services, TFO Canada

Panelists: Jacob Davignon, Lead Auditor, Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Agriculture Network chain of custody standards (Rainforest Alliance) and Julie Francoeur, Executive Director (Fairtrade Canada)

Bios: Jacob Davignon Jake joined Rainforest Alliance in 2008 after completing undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Vermont focusing on natural resource management. Acting as a Lead Auditor for both Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Agriculture Network chain of custody standards for 7 years before moving to the Markets Transformation Team. His current areas of focus are retailer engagement, certified produce, floral, and U.S. farm certification. Jake grew up and lives in Vermont with his daughter Fern and their black labs Mabel and Norma.

Julie Francoeur is the Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada. She has an MBA in Emerging Markets, a BA in International Development and a Diploma in African Rural Development. She started her career in Montreal with Équiterre in responsible cotton import supply chains and sustainable trade advocacy. She lived in Ghana, Bolivia, Saint-Lucia and Argentina and has overseen field services for Fairtrade International for over 8 years. She built sustainable supply chains from the ground up working with farmer coops, brands, traders, millers, factories, unions, governments and everyone in between in 13 different countries.

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