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WEBINAR: What causes cancer cells to grow – a view on cancer from the “othe...

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What causes cancer cells to grow – a view on cancer from the “other” side.

What role can Emotional Freedom Techniques play?

  • Have you ever wondered what cancer is?
  • Where it comes from?
  • What did cancer survivors do who experienced a spontaneous remission?
  • What supports cancer growth?
  • What suppresses cancer growth?

And the big question, can you prevent getting cancer? How does EFT help?

The word cancer is loaded with emotions: fear, helplessness, overwhelm. Media and organizations predict rising cancer incidences over the next decades, supporting the notion that cancer has become an epidemic. If you go back in history, cancer has always existed; the earliest description of cancer dates back 3.000 years BC.

Every human being has cancer cells in their body. Cancer cells are a natural by-product of cell growth.

The body produces billions of new cells each day, mainly blood cells, cells of the small and large intestine, skin, and cells of other tissues. Each cell contains DNA, the blueprint of our very existence, which is composed of billions of letters that need to be duplicated every time a cell divides. It is just natural that errors (mutations) occur during this process which over time can result in a cancerous cell.

Conventional medicine aims to eliminate the cancer cells by means of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy without looking at the environment that supports cancer growth.

In a healthy state, our body’s immune cells take care of mutated (cancerous) cells. How come cancer manifests in some people but not in others? I like the analogy of an apple seed: If you put the seed into fertile soil, the seed will grow into an apple tree. Cancer develops from one cell, or a group of cells and it can manifest in fertile soil.

What is the cancer soil made of?

The answer to that is simple: Chronic stress.

This can be emotional stress, stress due to our diet, stress due to toxins, and/ or a combination of those three. Chronic stress in any form over a longer period of time leads to imbalance or incoherence, which compromises our body systems. Fertile ground to promote self-healing is accomplished by regaining that balance; removing anything that causes chronic stress while boosting the immune system.

Join us on November 29th, 2017 at 5 pm for a look at cancer from the other side and see the affects of emotional stress in relationship to cancer to understand it better. (Replay link available to registrants.)

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Presented by Mona Meyer, PhD 'Cancer Researcher turned Cancer Coach'

Certified Professional Cancer Coach and Accredited EFT Practitioner.


Interviewer: Nancy Forrester, founder and Executive Director of the National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute (

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