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If you are reading this, it is because you and your bro are hereby invited to become a member of Wellmen, the men's adventure club.

We are a soul stoking brotherhood that will re-wild you back to your true nature. We exist to inspire men to lead enriched lives through radical experiences in the outdoors. By evoking genuine expression, we connect you with yourself and the like-minded men. Ultimately, we are igniting an adventurous brotherhood to awaken and evolve a new generation of men to make an indelible impact on our society.

We invite you to embark on an adventure within.

PHDs around the world have measured that the key differentiator between people who report a deep sense of happiness, and those who do not, is the quality of their relationships.

You know exactly who the man in your life is that you need some good old’ fashioned bro-time with. This is the perfect experience to gift to yourselves. Brother, son, nephew, uncle, or old mate... your choice.

This very quality is often confused with the insurmountable quantity of connections we have in day to day life: most of us spend more time with our co-workers, and communicating with acquaintances on social media, then we do investing time and energy into our most important relationships.


Depart Friday July 22nd for two nights stay returning Sunday July 24th.


Sea to Sky corridor, BC


timber-fit, craftsmanship, hiking, swimming, bug-out wilderness survival skills, yoga, guided meditation, cooking and devouring healthy family-style meals inspired by Argentinian chef-mastermind, Francis Mallman. preparing all meals in an outdoor kitchen.

This is going to be a very unique adventure. We'd like to emphasize that your spot has been thoughtfully curated, reserved, and programmed with you and your bro of choice's involvement affecting the overall flow of the experience.

We have built a unique program to propel us on physical, mindful, and soulful excursion. We will travel from Vancouver to an undisclosed location to the north and proceed to stoke your soul. Simply come prepared to sweat, feed, quench, exert, inspire and connect. All we ask, is that you come prepared to dig deep and bring the willingness to engage in an evolutionary dialogue.

Things to note:

  • We will be immersed from Friday Morning - Sunday Afternoon
  • We will not be able to facilitate half attended experiences. Please only enrol if you are able to 100% fully commit to the weekend in its entirety.
  • It will July and we will be outdoors for a good portion of the weekend, It may be cold and it may be wet, so come weatherproofed, It may be 35 degrees.
  • You will be asked to detach yourself from the outside world and be present to the experience.
  • Come prepared to relinquish your mobile and leave any other electronics or distractions at home.
  • If you have a partner and/or other kids, please make sure that they are adequately taken care of in your absence.

We will send out an more explanatory follow-up email once you enrol that will explain a little more about the nature of the day.

Join us. You won’t regret it.

The Team at Wellmen

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