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Lyons Production Services Events Centre

33061A Alberta 674

Grande Prairie County No. 1, AB T0H0G0


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The wheat centric field day, WheatStalk, is heading north!

Join Alberta Wheat Commission and Peace Country Beef and Forage for WheatStalk - a day full of agronomy learning and fun in the sun!

This build-your-own-adventure event features a soil health expert, tips and tricks on identifying pests and four different trial plots including canola, pulses, barley and wheat as well as an intercropping demonstration.

All growers will be able to find useful information on their favourite crops to implement on their farm.

Be one of the first 50 to pre-register for the event and get our famous wheat socks upon check-in!

WheatStalk Stations

Western Winter Wheat Initiative has received Canadian Agriculture Partnership sustainability funding and are looking for opportunities to discuss the hypothesis that fall- seeded cereals offer a great choice when it comes to sustainable cropping systems.


21 wheat varieties and eight pea varieties have been seeded for farmers to view the genetic differences in varieties, and review both yield and protein results prior to purchasing seed for next year.


For livestock producers, two demonstrations have been created: annual crop mixtures and alternative cereal and legume crops for forage production.

PCBFA created 22 different cover crop cocktail mixtures, as well as a variety of forage-type cereal and legume crops, currently not very commonly grown in the Peace – including millet, sorghum sudan grass, soft white wheat, festulolium, Italian ryegrass, chickling vetch, subterranean clover, serradella, lupins, and much more.

Wheat Agronomy Stacking

Stacking agronomic practices such as in crop nitrogen, manipulator, and fungicide can help with yield and quality of spring wheat. Come see how different varieties responded to various agronomic inputs based on research conducted by Dr. Sheri Strydhorst and Laurel Thompson.

Dr. Dean Spaner Breeding Program

This demonstration contains a few Dr. Spaners’s wide range of wheat varieties. Spaners’s breeding program develops leading varieties grown in Alberta, and helps generate highly qualified breeding students that will help develop the future of wheat genetics

Team Alberta

What you will learn about at the Team Alberta station:

  • How does Team Alberta provide input on policy to governments and advocate on behalf of Alberta farmers?
  • Research, Trade, Transportation, Sustainability are some of Team Alberta’s top priorities – how does working together help farmers be more successful?

Who is Team Alberta? Team Alberta is a working collaboration between Alberta’s four crop commissions: Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission. We work together on policy based issues is effective in amplifying the concerns of our farmer members and efficient in maximizing farmers levy dollars across our commodities.

Alberta Pulse Growers

Come discover the Alberta Pulse Growers plots and see different pulse crops, the insect, weed and disease pests associated with them, and speak with Agronomy experts on any and all questions related to growing pulse crops in your region.

Introduction to Soil Health Constraint

Demostrations on: Infield soil health assessments for soil physical properties and soil biology. Stop by to meet, chat and learn about soil microorganisms functionality on healthy soils.

AgSafe Alberta

Information on how we support Alberta farms and ranches through:

  • Workshops
  • Advisor Services
  • Farm Safety Planning Tools
  • 1-800-9AGSAFE hotline for confidential incident support

We will also be featuring interactive safety demonstrations on how to avoid farm safety hazards.

Foliar Fungcide timing on cereals

Cereal diseases may compromise crop productivity and quality depending on weather conditions and the crop rotation you follow. When there is a risk of leaf diseases, foliar fungicide application can help to mitigate their negative effects, while also helping to reduce the impact of fusarium head blight. Timing can have a significant impact on the level of control. Demos will illustrate the role timing can play to get the most out of your fungicide application.

Foliar Fungcide on disease resistant varieties

Using a disease resistant variety can also greatly mitigate the impact of cereal diseases, and may eliminate the need for an in-crop fungicide application. Demos will illustrate the impact of foliar fungicide on cereal varieties with different levels of disease susceptibility or resistance.

Seed treatment application for barley leaf disease suppression

Seed treatments are typically considered to be tools to help limit seed and seedling disease issues in relation to stand establishment. The demo will illustrate the additional role of seed treatments may play for early to mid-season barley leaf disease suppression, thus leading to the need for only a single anthesis timing fungicide application for both leaf disease management and FHB suppression.

Intercropping for managing leaf diseases

The demo will illustrate the potential role of intercropping oat and triticale with barley as a low-cost strategy for leaf disease management in a silage production system.

Insect friends and foes occurring in field crops grown in the Peace River region

Presented by the IPM Program based at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Beaverlodge Research Farm. They will be available to answer questions, bringing their stable of ground beetles to race on the track at Teepee Creek, AND have a live surprise for the brave! Come see Jennifer, Shelby and Amanda to learn more about insects!


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Canola Seeding Rate Demo

Learn to use the Canola Seeding Rate Calculator to maximize plant stand, yield potential, and profitability! As well, witness the safe rates of seed placed Phosphate and the effect on plant stands

Date and Time


Lyons Production Services Events Centre

33061A Alberta 674

Grande Prairie County No. 1, AB T0H0G0


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