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Who wants to be a Millionaire... in under 20 years?

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Calgary Central Public Library, Room 3-10B (3-10A on Mar 15 only)

800 3 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2E7


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"What's Your Wealth Plan? Or do you even have one?"

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Visit our website NOW to download & complete the Personal Financial Review, and you can attend this event for FREE*.

If you stress about not having enough money to pay bills and get out of debt, let alone plan for retirement, then you are like most Canadians and Americans who have less than $200 left over at the end of each month.

You NEED a Wealth Plan - Badly!

It's a fact that most people spend more time each year planning their family vacations than they do planning their finances. It's no wonder that 95% of people fail financially after a lifetime of working for someone else's dream, vision, and business.

It's called the 9-5, 40 hour/week, 40-year plan, or JOB, (just over broke) for short.

Success Pyramid

For over 28 years, I have been educating people like you on money mastery skills such as how to increase your tax refund by $6,000/yr using tax efficient strategies like owning a small business operated from your own home. Most people are unaware of the incredible tax incentives provided by the taxing authorities encouraging taxpayers to start their own business. Most people also lack a credible Plan B in the event of a job loss.

Don't wait for the economy and workforce automation (artificial intelligence) to out-source your job for you.

Did you know that the Canadian government recently announced a study that estimates (click here) 40% of jobs are at risk of disappearing over the next 10 years due to workforce automation? The truth is, NO JOB is SAFE! To see how much your job is at risk, click here.

To avoid this inevitable threat to your financial security, you must MAKE a Wealth plan, WORK the plan, and STAY with the plan until you attain financial freedom. Having NO PLAN is not a smart option.

So, "What's your Wealth Plan, or do you even have one?" This seminar will teach you "How to Become a Millionaire in Under 20 Years."

Did you know?

  • Employees pay an estimated 43.5% of all their income to some form of tax.

  • Self-employed business owners pay an average of just 11% tax and have 5.6 times more Net Worth than the employees who work for them.

  • Entrepreneurs have an Average Net Worth of $1.3 million compared to only $225,000 for employees in traditional jobs.

  • Only 5% of retirees attain financial freedom by age 65.

  • 62% of workers will retire with less than $10,000!

  • 40% of people say that an extra $500/mo income would dramatically improve their financial situation.

With numbers like these, it is IMPERATIVE that every taxpayer starts a Wealth Plan that includes a small business of some kind.

Haven't you always wanted to be your own boss? Do you have the motivation and the drive but have just never found that one brilliant idea that would drive you to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you have a current full-time or part-time job, but you want to look at alternative ways to make money? Are your investments under-performing the markets even while stocks hover near all time highs? Do you know the difference between linear and residual income? Do you want to hear about the 2 Big Killers of Money: Tax and Debt, and learn ways to Save, Manage, Protect, Make, and Grow your Money?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you MUST ATTEND this FREE* Introductory Money Mastery Workshop where you will learn how YOU can turn your smart phone into an automated money management tool, a business marketing machine, and a personal cash register, while profiting from these six KEY North American industries: Financial Services, Energy, Telecommunications, Health & Wellness, Multimedia Services, and Intellectual Property Licensing which collectively account for over $5.7 Trillion in annual economic value!


You will walk away from this 2-hour event with a greater understanding of the current state of the economy; the debt levels we carry as a nation and individually; what the difference is between linear and residual income, and which is better; what tax free compounding is; how much you need to put away monthly to meet your retirement goals; and how to use small business tax saving strategies to make up for the cash investment shortfall.

Most people will discover that they really need to be saving between $1600 and $2400 per month in order to meet a secure retirement, a nearly impossible goal for most without making a drastic paradigm shift in their understanding of money.

Technology is truly revolutionizing business in this digital world. You already have what it takes in your smartphone to create massive wealth and financial freedom for you and your family. Let's face it, if you have made it this far, YOU NEED THE EXTRA MONEY and you MUST LEARN how to create a proper wealth plan, no matter what you decide to do for an income. Becoming a millionaire in less than 20 years is easy, IF you know how to do it. This seminar will give you the secret that has been hiding in plain sight.

During this lecture, you will be invited to subscribe to The Wealth Academy, our new online university that is currently under development in Beta Test mode that will soon contain over 35 financial literacy e-Learning courses that will assist you in mastering the art of wealth creation for a lifetime.

Finally, we will introduce some incredible businesses that you can begin partnering with right away as independent consultants which may pique your interest. For less than $300 in net start-up costs, you can immediately begin generating income for your new "home-based" consulting business. You are under no obligation to pick any path at this time, but you may choose one or more of the options as your ambition dictates.


We are a group of Successful Professionals, Wealth Coaches, and Entrepreneurs who come from a diverse background of education and careers, who now help motivated, ambitious, individuals become financially-free, successful entrepreneurs, working on a part-time/spare-time basis until they can replace their job income.

Our goal is to educate the new & old generations alike about the secrets of money, help people be financially independent, and help them live their lives on their terms.


You will meet like-minded people who have similar goals and dreams; you will learn different ways to MAKE a residual income, SAVE Taxes, INVEST wisely, and how to be in CONTROL of your finances, FINALLY!

We guarantee you that you will leave inspired and motivated to take massive action to reach your personal goals.

HOST: JAMES STEELE IV & Special Guest of the Week.


  • Using your smart phone, computer, or tablet, come learn how to reap handsome rewards in the years ahead, even during the ongoing recession, by following the simple advice taught at this event.

  • All guests will be offered a FREE, LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to an online money management utility just for attending. This service has a $240 annual value, and it is free for all guests.

  • Following the overview, there may be specific training topics on money management and business.

  • One surprise VIP Guest speaker representing one of the recommended businesses may be available at each session. This may vary from event to event.

  • Entrepreneurship training may be part of the business development program in these sessions, time permitting.

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Calgary Central Public Library, Room 3-10B (3-10A on Mar 15 only)

800 3 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2E7


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