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Women in SETT Leadership Workshop Series (Victoria BC)

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University of Victoria

Victoria, BC


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Refund Policy

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Built upon the experiences of Canadian women and proven across the country, the WinSETT Centre's Leadership Program is the only Canadian program focused exclusively on women in SETT.

With thanks to our sponsors, MEOPAR and the Faculty of Science at the University of Victoria, women in SETT in Victoria can develop their leadership potential with the WinSETT six full-day workshops over three months on the following topics.

Becoming Leaders & Effective Communications: An Introduction to Foundational Leadership Awareness, Skills and Strategies (February 15 - 16, 2018)

Day One of this workshop focuses on the core competencies of leadership, the strengths and the challenges women in SETT face as they become leaders. At the end of day one, participants can:

-Assess individual leadership competencies
-Describe strengths women bring and challenges they face as SETT Leaders
-Implement mechanisms to leverage those strengths and address those challenges
-Create their leadership action plan
-Compose their leadership values & behaviours
-Make career and leadership choices with enhanced confidence

Day two of this workshop on foundational skills will enable participants to discover and tailor their own communication style and strengths to more effectively convey their ideas and solutions, exchange information and gain recognition. At the end of day 2, participants can:

-Classify four different styles of communication
-Assess personal communication style, strengths and challenges
-Differentiate communication styles in others
-Adapt personal style to communicate effectively with other styles
-Demonstrate strategic self-promotion and constructive feedback

Emotional Intelligence & Negotiating for Success: Enhancing Awareness and Skills (March 15 - 16, 2018)

Day one of the workshop will review, assess and develop participant competencies in the five areas of Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Specifically, participants will put emotional intelligence into practice in the following areas:

-Managing Conflict
-Practicing Assertiveness
-Balancing Control & Trust
-Building self-confidence
-Being an inspiring leader

In day two of this workshop, participants will gain awareness of the many workplace situations in which negotiation takes place and learn about the underlying factors that can affect their personal effectiveness and outcomes of those negotiations. They will then practice methods to advance their own skills to negotiate for opportunities, resources to enhance productivity, recognition, financial benefits, promotions, and access to networks. Specifically:

-Assess personal negotiation style, strengths and challenges
-Classify negotiation opportunities
-Distinguish five negotiation styles
-Deploy the ‘win-win’ (collaborative) negotiation style, including identifying, planning, conducting, -documenting and learning from a negotiation

Navigating Politics @ Work/Networks, Mentors and Sponsors: Advanced Awareness and Skill Development (April 12-13, 2018)

Day one of the workshop will help participants recognize the informal organization of the workplace, understand the networks of influence, and develop strategies to neutralize negative behaviours (yours and others), and positively promote your ideas and career.

-Compare the positive and negative roles workplace politics can play in a career
-Assess personal competencies in navigating workplace politics
-Recognize the informal organizational structures and relationships in their workplace
-Classify whether actions are political or personal
-Create a stakeholder priority map
-Build and leverage strategic relationships
-Determine their professional reputation & manage negative players

In day two of this workshop, participants will learn the importance of professional networks, their context, how to develop and strengthen your networking skills, elegant positioning for advancement, and how to leverage your network in support of your career goals. The workshop will also describe the different kinds of mentors, coaches and sponsors and how to mutually benefit from those relationships. Specifically,

-Illustrate commonalities and differences between sponsors in mentors including the importance of each to leadership
-Assess individual networking, mentoring and sponsorship competencies
-Appraise personal ability to recruit suitable mentors and sponsors
-Implement effective mentor and sponsor relationships
-Measure professional presence
-Demonstrate effective personal networking skills in common situations


Start Your Path to Leadership

What are the core competencies of leadership? What strengths and challenges do women in SETT face as they become leaders? Asses your individual leadership competencies and leverage your strengths in the face of challenges. Learn to make career choices with confidence by applying proven tips and strategies specifically for women in SETT.

Explore Unique Issues

Identify gender factors at play for women in SETT and discover first-hand the importance of networking and feedback. Gain vaulable insight from peers in your field through group learning.

Hear From Leading Experts

Our guest speakers and facilitators are professional leaders in a variety of SETT fields.

Excellent Ticket Value

Workshops include hot and cold beverages, snacks and lunch. Attendees will also receive a copy of the book Becoming Leaders: A Practical Handbook for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology as well as an invitation to join the free, nation-wide online forum "Women in SETT Leadership Network."


Why not invest in enrolment for your staff?

  • Provide your employees with the leadership training they need for your organization to thrive

  • Receive a free special topics presentation delievered in your office for every 5 full-series registrants

Contact winsett@hollettandsons.ca for information on how to reserve spaces.


"Engaging, educational and empowering."

"The workshop was excellent. Without a doubt it is a 'must do' for young women in the early phase of their career. In fact for all women, regardless of what phase they are at. Thank you."

"[The participants] found it to be a unique and affirming experience... Many were surprised to discover how valuable it was to be in this stimulating and safe environment where women were free to talk about the challenges associated with their professions, and to hear from others as to how they are navigating this challenging and sometimes lonely landscape."

Our Sponsors. The Leadership Program cannot happen without our sponsors who keep the cost affordable and show their support for the Women in SETT leaders. In Victoria, we are appreciative of the following sponsors:

And there is still room for more - contact me if you are interested in being a Workshop Sponsor (winsett@hollettandsons.ca)


Is the workshop only for women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology?

Yes. Women who work in SETT organizations but are not scientists, engineers, tradespeople, technicians or technologists are also welcome as many of the same challenges are faced.

Will I receive Continuing Education Credits for the workshops?

Yes, participants will receive a certificate equivalent to 7.0 hours of credentialed continuing education for each workshop.

What is the refund policy?

The full fee can be refunded up to 7 days before the beginning of the workshop, less a $50 administrative fee. After the refund period has expired, no refunds will be issued and only substitutions will be accepted.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants?

Yes- we must have 10 participants to offer the workshop and no more than 30 will be accepted. If a workshop is cancelled, you will be credited or refunded at your discretion) 100% of your fees paid.

Can I just take one day of the workshops instead of two?

No, because day two of the workshop builds upon day one and the intent is participants would be present for both days to enhance learning and networking. If you have taken one of the workshops in the two day bundle already, and would like to only take the other, please contact winsett@hollettandsons.ca and we will work something out.Is my registration transferrable?

Your registration be transferred with prior agreement of the WinSETT Centre. Contact us at winsett@hollettandsons.ca.

Will food be provided?

Yes - all workshops have hot and cold beverages, snacks and lunch included. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions upon registration.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Susan Hollett (winsett@hollettandsons.ca), National WinSETT Leadership Program Coordinator for further information.

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Date and Time


University of Victoria

Victoria, BC


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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