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St. Thomas Senior’s Centre

225 Chestnut St.

St. Thomas, Ontario


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All Welcome

Women, men, and high school students are all welcome to join us for our 13th annual community breakfast! It is a lovely opportunity to celebrate our work together as we seek to make our corner of the world safer for all.

Each year many generous folks take care of ticket costs for students and their teachers to join the breakfast. Please give Liz Brown a call at 519.633.0155 to let us know how many students you would like to sponsor.

If you prefer, paper tickets are available for cash or cheque purchase through the Community Counselling Site 300 Talbot Street Suite 26 St. Thomas Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Keynote Speaker: Farrah Khan

Farrah Khan picked up a microphone to speak out about sexual assault as a teenager and has not put it down since. As a nationally recognized counsellor, educator, and policy advisor, she has spent two decades working diligently to raise awareness of the connection between equity and gender-based violence. She is the Manager of the Consent Comes First Office at Ryerson University, where she supports community members affected by sexual violence, creates educational programming and aids in shaping campus policy and procedures. Due to Farrah’s knowledge and collaborative approach to addressing the systemic, community and personal barriers that survivors of sexual violence face, she was named the co-chair of Ontario’s first permanent provincial roundtable on Violence Against Women in 2015. In 2016, she was also appointed to the Government of Canada’s Federal Strategy Against Gender-based Violence Advisory Council. On both the Roundtable and Council, Farrah provides high level advice to governments on emerging issues. Farrah conducts training across North America and is also a regular contributor to major news media including CBC’s The National, Toronto Star, and the Globe & Mail for her expertise in addressing violence against women. Farrah holds a Masters of Social Work from University of Toronto.



7:00 am: Welcome & Breakfast

7:30 am: Formal Program Begins

7:35 am: Keynote: Farrah Kahn

8:10 am: Question & Answer Time

8:25 am: Formal Program Wrap Up

8:35 am: Informal meet & greet with Keynote Speaker



Violence Against Women, Services Elgin County

Violence Against Women Services Elgin County ensures safety, support, and hope 24 hours a day for women who have been abused and their children. 

Women's Breakfast For Everyone 2018 at St. Thomas Senior’s Centre

225 Chestnut St., St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada