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The future of online registration for nonprofit events has arrived

Start selling more nonprofit event tickets and securing more donations using Eventbrite’s industry-leading nonprofit ticketing software.


Create eye-popping event listings and landing pages

Provide an engaging experience for your attendees at every stage with Eventbrite’s easy-to-use online event registration for nonprofits. Easily set up beautiful, professional event listings and landing pages featuring customisable nonprofit event ticketing options.


Sell more nonprofit event tickets and boost fundraising

With Eventbrite’s nonprofit ticketing software, it’s easy to set up your online event registration for nonprofit businesses. Utilise a smarter ticket pricing strategy, offering free event tickets or multiple ticket types to help grow sales and maximise donations.


Build a loyal community

Eventbrite's advanced online event registration for nonprofits provides the event planning tools to attract and engage new audiences, drive demand and start building long-lasting relationships with your attendees.

Ignite fundraising and online registration for your nonprofit events

Eventbrite’s all-in-one nonprofit ticketing software empowers event creators to be experience makers. Utilise powerful promotional tools and resources to communicate your message, showcase benefits and help secure more donations.

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Compel attendees to donate with a seamless experience

An easy-to-use online registration for nonprofit events, coupled with a stress-free checkout process using simple ticket type designations, helps increase donations to your cause.

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Glean valuable insights into your attendees

Eventbrite’s nonprofit ticketing software allows you to easily gather key information about your attendees by asking the right questions during the checkout process. Go deeper by creating your own custom questions.

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Boost ticket sales with data-driven insights — not guesswork

Eventbrite’s intuitive organiser dashboard and mobile app make it easier than ever to track online registration for nonprofit events using real-time data from anywhere, anytime.

Advanced mobile app functionality lets you check-in attendees on-the-go, sell nonprofit event tickets online, and collect and track donations at the venue on your smart device.

Innovative digital tools and resources help you plan, promote and produce unforgettable nonprofit events, from brainstorming the theme, to setting up a livestream.

Choose the package that's right for you

Get started free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


The basics you need to start selling tickets in minutes.


The full set of tools you need to create, manage and grow your events.


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Eventbrite for free?

    Eventbrite is always free to use if you choose to pass your fees on to attendees. It’s easy to choose this default option in the “Manage Event” menu available in your Eventbrite account.

How do I manage how attendees can pay me for my event?

    Payout processing can be specified within each of your individual events. Under the Payments & Tax section of the menu — located on the left-side navigation of your Event Dashboard — you can select "Payment Options" to choose your preferred payment processor, currency and country for your event.

    If you choose Eventbrite Payment Processing, you will see the "Payout Method" page displayed in the left-side navigation of your Event Dashboard, as well. You can select or add your preferred payout method.

    Choosing PayPal as your preferred payment processor requires that you simply provide your PayPal email address on the "Payment Options" page.

    For, you will need to contact a customer support representative to enable on your account.

    For self-service payment options, you can choose either PayPal or Eventbrite Payment Processing.

How do I promote a nonprofit event?

    Eventbrite’s nonprofit ticketing software gives you the tools and technology to effectively market your special nonprofit events by sending targeted emails, using social media and optimising your event landing pages for higher search engine rankings. You can also pair with sponsors to draw more attention to your event.

Why are fundraising events important for nonprofits?

    Nonprofit organisations need fundraising in order to provide the necessary support to their communities and causes. See how other nonprofits are fundraising and be inspired by our innovative ideas for raising money via donations through Eventbrite’s online registration for nonprofit events.

How do I plan my own fundraising event?

    Along with our industry-leading nonprofit ticketing software, Eventbrite provides streamlined online event registration for nonprofits. You can also utilise downloadable templates and customisable content tailored towards event planning for nonprofits and organising fundraising events that will help you get started—and reach your goals.

Try Eventbrite’s nonprofit ticketing software for free and explore all the tools you need to successfully launch, promote and manage your nonprofit events—and maximise donations from supporters.