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Party Event Planning Made Easy

Learn how to bring your client's unique vision to life with an unforgettable party for the ages.

Event planning: what is it?

Events of all shapes and sizes—from small birthday parties to large corporate events—begin with a plan of action.

The party planning process begins with the initial concept discovery and ideation discussions with clients regarding every facet of the event: ideas, themes, venues, dates, budget, food and beverage menus, and the party event floor plan, are all key components of the event planning process.

Event planning involves working hand-in-hand with the client to bring their unique vision to life, meeting all goals and objectives under the agreed upon budget parameters.

Why do people hire a private party event planner?

Simply put, most people lack the skill set, time, and personality characteristics to effectively plan (and host) parties themselves. Professional party planners have the experience and skill set to step in and give events of all shapes and sizes the attention they deserve.

Party Event Planning

How to become a successful event party planner

To be a successful event planner, you need the ability to take on unique challenges that must be quickly overcome, often simultaneously, while thriving under pressure.

Being an unflappable multi-tasker and negotiator are integral skills for most successful event planning professionals. The best minds in the business recognize the importance of foolproof planning systems, a step-by-step event planning checklist, and event management technology. These are the non-negotiables the real pros leverage to realize success in their field.

Who becomes a private party event planner?

Most event planners began their career path in another role within the event planning or management world and transition into a purely event planning function.

Party Event Planning 101

Eventbrite provides a blueprint of “7 Things the Most Successful Event Planners Do Everyday” to help you learn how to realize success as an event party planner.

1. Check key metrics

One defining trait of a successful event planner is that they leave nothing to chance – everything is measured and analyzed.

2. Prioritize and work on the most important things first

Busy event creators have limited time, so it’s critical that they understand the most important areas to focus on and prioritize them in an event planning checklist.

3. Communicate with clients

When it comes to planning events, communication is key. It’s vital to understand exactly what clients want and expect, and keep them fully informed of progress.

4. Research new trends and develop new ideas

Successful event planners make time to read industry news and blogs (like this one!) each day. Secondly, it’s always helpful to develop your skill set with event and party planning courses. To stay ahead, it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends and always be learning.

5. Nurture relationships

This business is all about relationships. Consistently talking with past clients is a good management strategy and is great marketing, too.

6. Ask for feedback

Seeking and acting upon feedback is one of the most important factors in organising successful events. As part of their performance measurement, great event planners ask for feedback from their attendees, participants, and stakeholders utilising specialist tools.

7. Take time out to reflect and relax

Successful event planners understand how vital it is to take some time out before reaching breaking point.

Party Event Planning

What event planners need to consider when planning a party

To successfully plan any party, you need to be able to take a client’s vision and bring it to life through a little creativity, a little imagination, and a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Event planning is all about the details. Big and small. From the first client meeting, to the final guest exiting the party and every follow-up effort of the post-party activities.

The responsibilities of an event party planner can include the following:

  • Meeting with clients to set out goals and objectives
  • Developing a “To-Do” list
  • Selecting a theme
  • Developing a budget
  • Selecting a venue
  • Negotiating venue contracts
  • Hiring outside vendors and negotiating vendor contracts
  • Analyzing the party event floor plan
  • Determining the food and beverage menu options
  • Hiring food and beverage services and any required support staff (bartenders, waiters, etc)
  • Hiring the talent (entertainment, speakers, etc)
  • Coordinating transportation, parking, valet services, etc.
  • Creating and sending invitations
  • Managing attendee responses, special requests, etc.
  • Serving as the event manager on-site, as the primary point of contact

Event management technology has revolutionized party planning

Cutting-edge event management technology has made becoming a professional party event planner easier than ever. With powerful solutions at your fingertips, special occasions party planning is a breeze with industry-leading event marketing tools conveniently available in one centralized platform.

With Eventbrite, you can easily plan an unforgettable event with a couple of clicks. A suite of free event planning tools provide all the resources you need to organize, market, make your own tickets, host, and measure the performance of your events. All in one central platform.

Ready to get your party started? Try Eventbrite for free today and start planning your party in minutes.