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Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Party

Explore innovative hacks that will save you valuable time and money, setting the foundation for the best party ever.

The best hacks to host a successful party

The role of event planner consistently ranks as one of the most stressful jobs, year after year.

With these innovative hacks, your party planning experience will be smooth sailing. So, leave the wasted time, unnecessary costs, and stress, behind—and start looking forward to a more efficient, streamlined process, from set-up to sell-out.

Here are some party planning tips to make your organizing easier, while saving you money:

Create your own templatized party planning checklist

If you’re serious about this space, you will progress from a rookie to a subject matter expert before you know it. Your tried-and-true best practices will become more well defined as you do. Make it all uniquely yours in a personalized list of winning party planning hacks.

Maintain a living “preferred vendor” spreadsheet

This applies to the same thinking as above. The more experience you accrue, the more dialed in you will be with the value your vendors provide.

Always have an easy-to-access “notes” app or “ideas” notebook with you

Inspiration can strike at inopportune times. Don’t let any great ideas get away because you’re on-the-go.

Create an inspiring chalkboard paint or dry eraser wall in your office (or home office)

A canvas that’s fun and oversized brings real-life To-Do lists and inspiring ideas to life the way a computer screen never will.

Party Planning Hacks

Entertaining ideas for your party

Do you want to host a party for the ages? Of course, you do. Because it’s all about creating a memorable experience that your guests will be raving about with these entertaining ideas:

  • Serve a signature cocktail to your guests upon their arrival. And provide a self-serve cocktail bar in a central location with a wider variety of cocktails available for guests. Why wait to get the real party started, right?

  • Create a designated play area for kids stocked with fun treats and arts & crafts supplies. This will serve as a dual-purpose entertainment strategy that makes both, parents and children, happy to be there.

  • Provide a fully stocked coffee bar. An easy-to-use coffee or espresso maker with a variety of flavors or syrups will provide a nice alternative or supplement to a cocktail bar for guests.

  • Serve a visually pleasing, easy-to-grab-and-go small bite table. This allows your guests to eat delicious food that doesn’t require a lot of effort or break from an engaging conversation. Think mini tacos, shish-ka-bobs, or mini cheeseburgers.

  • Create desserts that are fun, personalized, and can be easily portable.

Party Planning Hacks

How to organize your party in an easy and cheap way

When you find yourself bogged down with manual (and often tedious) party planning workflows, you can alleviate the frustration with event management technology. It’s like having another team member on the event team that handles the mundane tasks, so you don’t have to.

From your email invites and digital marketing campaigns to vendor payments and attendee check-in at the door, event management tech, such as Eventbrite, can automate all of it for you. By eliminating some of your most manual processes, you’ll be free to focus on what you do best: Hosting the best party ever!

Here’s a sampling of powerful event management tech that will help you get more out of your event budget by working smarter (not harder):

Eventbrite Boost

Event organizers creating a party with Eventbrite can effortlessly launch promotional campaigns for their event with Eventrbite Boost. The best event marketing platform in the space empowers creators to build their audience and market with confidence, using Eventbrite’s data and tools to take the guesswork out of marketing for your events.

Google Maps

Google enables you to customize maps for your party. Easily guide attendees to your door and help orient them to nearby resources (hotels, restaurants, or anything that you recommend). An easy-to-use, mobile-friendly map is worth a thousand concierge phone calls, after all.


With Mailchimp, you can effortlessly automate your party invitation workflows, eliminating manual processes that usually consume valuable resources. Mailchimp also syncs with Eventbrite to automatically update your email lists with the latest attendee data.

Ready to get your party started? Try Eventbrite for free today and start planning your party in minutes.