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Eventbrite is an affordable all-in-one ticketing and marketing platform that offers great value for your money. With Eventbrite, you can easily sell event tickets online and reach your target audience for a cheap price.

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All the tools and technology to sell tickets online

Eventbrite is a global event ticketing and marketing platform, powering millions of events in nearly 180 countries. We empower event organizers with industry-leading tools and technology to create, manage, and promote unforgettable live experiences around the world.

Create your event with the best online ticketing system

‎Easily create, manage, and deliver a memorable in-person or virtual event experience on a trusted platform.

An event ticketing platform built for growth

‎Tap into the world’s largest events marketplace and expand your reach with social marketing tools powered by our exclusive data, all at a cheap price point.

Build and engage your community

‎Stay connected to your attendees and drive online ticket sales with advanced email marketing tools, targeted notifications, and real-time insights that get results.

Create your event with the best online ticketing system

Tools you need to sell tickets

Event creation and ticketing tools

Selling tickets online with Eventbrite is easier and cheaper than ever. Post your event, build your own professional online ticketing system, and create tickets for both in-person and virtual events in just minutes.

Customizable event pages

Provide a seamless online ticket purchasing experience for your attendees with customizable event pages that engage and inform your audience, from the first headline to checkout.

Flexible event payouts

Set up online ticket payouts for your events on a custom schedule of your choice and get paid quickly.

Eventbrite Organizer App

Monitor on-site and online ticket sales, complete attendee check-ins, and view real-time data on the go with our easy-to-use mobile app.

An event ticketing platform built for growth

promote events

Attendee discovery

Event-goers searching for unique things to do account for 1 out of 4 tickets sold on Eventbrite with personalized recommendations in our consumer app and newsletters.

Eventbrite Boost

Power your growth with our all-in-one marketing platform designed specifically for events. Utilize time-saving social media ad tools to reach more people with smart audience targeting capabilities.

Share on Social

Easily share your events on Facebook or LinkedIn directly from your Eventbrite account and position yourself as the top online ticket seller in your industry with more impressions, clicks, and shares.

Sell more tickets online with Eventbrite

Growing your event business can be a serious challenge. The amount of work you put into creating the perfect event doesn’t always result in a sold out crowd. The world’s largest online marketplace for event ticketing can be your game-changer. As the go-to destination for millions of active ticket-buyers searching for things to do, Eventbrite is becoming a growth engine for our creators.
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Unique ticket-buyers on Eventbrite in 2022

Grow your community on the world’s largest events marketplace where millions of people discover unique and local things to do. Eventbrite’s network of over 90M active ticket-buyers gives you unparalleled visibility and top-of-mind awareness among the audience segments most likely to attend your event.
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Paid tickets are driven by Eventbrite

Eventbrite helps you reach the people most likely to attend your events with personalized recommendations tailored to ticket buyers’ interests and locations. Through our demand-generation efforts, we helped drive nearly 30% of paid tickets from our ticket-buyers network.
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See your ROI skyrocket with Boost’s retargeting advertising technology

Eventbrite Boost’s retargeting ad technology converts event page visits into ticket sales — to the tune of 6x average ROI. Across Eventbrite’s retargeting program, 78% of conversions occurred within one day of a prospective customer clicking on an ad.

Build and engage your community

Engage community

Email marketing tools

Subscribe to Eventbrite Boost to quickly and easily send emails to your community with no contact limits and up to 10,000 daily sends. Our open rates are 59% higher than the industry average.

Audience reports & insights

Discover where your ticket sales are coming from, and get detailed information about your ticket buyers, event attendance, and more.

Automated event notifications

Keep your community engaged and your events top-of-mind with automated event reminders and updates when event-goers attend, “Follow” or “Like” your events.

More tools to grow your events

Embedded checkout

Sell tickets online with Eventbrite's easy-to-use Embedded Checkout functionality. Your attendees can complete their online ticket purchase without ever having to leave your event website or blog.


Group your related events onto individual collection pages to make it easier for attendees to find what they’re looking for — and make their online ticket purchase seamless.

Promo codes

Grow your following with an online ticketing platform that offers exclusive discounts, cheaper early bird prices, limited-time deals, and special access to your event with a quick scan on your attendees' smart device.

Scheduled payouts

Receive an advance of ticket sales before your events take place — on a customized schedule of your choice.
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As someone who completely relies on people buying tickets to [our] event to get the word out, Eventbrite plays a huge part in my business."Prashant Kakad, founder of Jai Ho! Dance Party and Bollywood Dreams Entertainment

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Be inspired by our event creator community

From music festivals and fundraisers to gaming competitions and air guitar contests, discover how fellow event creators are helping bring the world together through live experiences.

See Eventbrite in action

Discover all the different ways our industry-leading online ticketing software is making it easier for you to create, promote, manage, and do more with your events, all while keeping it cheap and cost-effective for you.

Take advantage of powerful integrations

Connect Eventbrite with your other business tools for easy event planning, promotion, and management with over 100 trusted apps available in the Eventbrite App Marketplace.

Discover new insights from the Eventbrite Blog

Learn from new strategies, proven best practices, and powerful insights. Develop your skill set with how-to articles, event industry trend reports, event marketing guides, and more.
No upfront fees

Simple pricing, clear value

Create your event on the world's largest event marketplace at no cost to you. We've got everything you need to sell tickets, manage your events, and grow your business.

  • Flexible ticket types for in-person or online events
  • Unlimited listings in our marketplace
  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools
  • Ability to sell tickets on your own site
  • Seamless attendee checkout experience
  • Payouts before your event happens
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Low fees for your attendees

  • No fees for free events
  • 3.5% + $1.29 CAD service fee per ticket
  • 2.9% payment processing fee per order

Fees are paid by ticket buyers, unless you choose to cover them.

Find out more about how fees work

Hosting a large or complex event?

We offer tailored packages for event pros with unique needs. Get customized fee schedule, personalized support, and more individualized features by partnering with our sales team.

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