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I am Alauna, and I'm supremely passionate about cultivating community and sisterhood where women feel seen, heard, validated, and empowered.



I facilitate space for women to connect and heal through my monthly community Red Tent and my four month program, The Sacred Feminine Circle.

Ancestrally, women gathered together, in circle, on a regular basis. This was typically at New Moon when women were at their most energetic low, cycling with the lunar tides. These ritual gatherings were often referred to as a Moon Lodge or Red Tent. This is where women's wisdom and knowledge was handed down through the generations.


As a certified Red Tent facilitator through Star of Ishtar, I create and hold space for women to connect and emotionally fill their cup for the coming month. This allows women to experience true authenticity and vulnerability.

Life is so much easier when we have that soft, safe place to be heard and validated.

I invite you, with open arms, to join our sacred space.


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