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Adelle Ramcharan

Adelle Ramcharan has been leading dynamic workshops and events across Alberta for the past 6 years.

While she is currently most well known for her popular YouTube channel on entrepreneurship and personal development, Adelle's interest is mainly in understanding people.

She is a graduate of the therapy foundation course with the Bodynamic Institute (completed in Los Angeles, California 2015). She has also completed the Bodynamic Institute Extension Training: Ego Functions of Grounding, Centering and Support (Berkeley, California, 2015).

Adelle learned how humans relate in groups while studying under Clinical Professor Yvonne Agazarian in the Systems Centered therapy foundation training at the University of York (completed in York, England, 2015). 

Her main values are taking life at your own pace, always staying true to yourself and providing value to those around you.

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