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Adrienne Furrie, Makeup and Image Expert

Adrienne Furrie, professional makeup artist and image expert (and lover of all things sparkling and glamorous!). 

I believe firmly that your feelings about how you look matter. How you feel about what you see in the mirror matters first and foremost to you. And then a close second, is how the world responds to you. When you show up putting your best foot forward great things happen. 

As a professional makeup artist, long time participant in the world of fashion and beauty, and from my own personal experiences, I speak with 100% confidence when I say that women are completely different people when they're in love with the way they look. When a woman feels beautiful she blooms, when she feels less than she fades.

Every single woman possesses the ability to shine, to look her very best and radiate her inner vibrancy in a way that's uniquely perfect for her, just as she is right now. Not 20 pounds from now. Not the next big increase in income. Not once the kids are older. Now. To have the outside packaging match the woman she is on the inside, a real, living, breathing woman full of passion and ideas.  

My mission it to connect women with a solid understanding of makeup and clothing that flatters and works for real life.  Teaching the everyday woman simple steps that she can take to elevate herself to a place of utmost pride and love for how she looks. The setting of The Studio, where events and private client sessions take place, is casual and comfortable, like your best friends living room, and the content is unlike anything you've ever experienced before but always wished existed. 

Visit to find out more and to contact me, Adrienne Furrie. 

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