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AI4Youth Canada

Our Mission

AI4YOUTH Canada focuses on connecting high school students across the country to professionals and leaders in the Artificial Intelligence field. Through annual conferences, fundraising programs, advocacy, and other efforts, we hope to prepare the next generation of Canadian innovators and leaders for an increasingly AI-dependent future.


Our Story

AI4YOUTH Canada is a nonprofit, student-run organization based in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded by Claire Du and Gerry Lu in June 2018, when the two were juniors at Western Canada High School. United by their shared passion for AI, Claire and Gerry started the Western Canada High School AI Club, the first club of its kind in Canada. After seeing both the very limited AI learning resources and lacking AI awareness in their student body, Claire and Gerry founded AI4YOUTH Canada in the hopes of combining forces to create opportunities for their peers. Through their new organization, they hoped to see more Canadian youth become leaders, innovators, and game changers in the AI-integrated future. 

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