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Aimée AstärRA Zia McGillis

Aimée McGillis lives in service to the evolution and awakening of the human collective, Gaia, and unity consciousness. She dreams and creates consciously; imbuing every creation with high frequency love and light. She has always had a curious mind, in tandem with a loving heart, and adventurous spirit. She is a Sovereign Michif (Cree/Ojibwe/French/Scottish) Medicine Woman from the Canadian prairies, who has roots in nature honouring ancient ritual; while at the same time infusing evolution, creativity, uniqueness, and whispers of other Nows into her practice and pieces. She recognizes the resonance and reflections of the cycles and rhythms in nature on this planet, and in the cosmos on the macro level, and relates them on the micro level within, through meditation, everyday interactions/relationships, and also through her art.

Aimée has been a  Reiki Master since 2004(Usui, Karuna, Lightarian), and has studied many different forms of energy healing extensively. She has also explored and trained in channelling, sound healing, meditation, lucid dreaming, crystology, reiki, astrology and shamanism for almost 2 decades. Experience and challenges have led her to a deeper connection within. Her commitment to authenticity and embodiment help her to create safe, loving and compassionate spaces in which dreams bloom into reality. Her goal is to help empower people to connect to their own wisdom, sacredness and divinity. 

Meditation and connecting with Gaia in nature have been her biggest catalysts and guides for healing and knowledge.  Her journey through childhood grief and trauma activated her passionate exploration of healing, and brought out her gifts through her experience of bringing/allowing love, connection and balance back into her life. It is an honour for her to guide and empower others through healing, self discovery and sacred source creations. 

 She is also a Metalsmith, Visual Artist, Writer, wife and mother of 2.

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