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American Investment Fund, LLC

American Investment Fund have representatives to work with potential investors to guide them through the process of becoming an accredited EB-5 immigrant investor.

The process includes:

  1. The potential investor submits a contact form through our representatives so we can begin due diligence to determine eligibility;
  2. The potential investors will be asked to provide necessary documentation required by US federal law. We will advise you at what point supporting documents are required;
  3. Documents must be translated into English and be accompanied by a certificate of translation signed and dated by translator.
  4. Once initial review of documents is completed we will advise whether we can comfortably move ahead with process, if we can move ahead, at this time investor will sign all necessary documents, wire $50,000 syndication fee to AIF to prepare legal documents and wire transfer investment funds to lawyers escrow account.

In 1992, the U.S Congress created a temporary pilot program to stimulate economic activity and job growth which developed into the current EB-5 program in 2011 which allows foreign nationals an easy route to invest in the USA with the added benefit for the investor, and investors immediate family, to become U.S. citizens.


  • No business or special training experience required
No language skills required 
• No age restrictions
  • No need to permanently reside in America, just maintain a residence anywhere in the U.S.
  • No restrictions on you, your spouse or children (under 21 at the time of application) to work anywhere in the U.S. , start a business, attend school or simply retire
  • Admission to state universities at U.S. resident costs
  • No travel restrictions
  • No need to manage your investment on a daily basis, becoming a limited partner will suffice
  • Option to become a U.S citizen after five years
  • Ability to sponsor Green Cards for other relatives
  • Requirements and Criteria


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