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Anandam Dancetheatre

ANANDAM Dancetheatre was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director (AD) Brandy Leary and is a not-for-profit charitable arts organization based in Toronto, Canada.

Our work occupies a contemporary space with aesthetics constructed outside a lens of Eurocentricity and our initiatives are grounded through Brandy Leary’s artistic practice. Leary’s body of work is the result of almost two decades of constant engagement with Indian dance and the moving body through classical and contemporary traditions. Her practice is situated both in Canada and India within the distinct aesthetics of South Asian performance and contemporary practices.

ANANDAM houses multiple, integrated pedagogies spanning:

the creation, presentation and touring of our own works

the incubation, presentation and curation of works by other artists (local / national / international)

discoursive engagement initiatives for audiences and artists

sectoral interventions, workshops/master classes with local / international artists and mentorship for emerging artists

We create and present performances shaped by:

aesthetics and ethics nurtured through curiosity, intimacy, and responsiveness;

values of presence and collective inquiry;

inclusive of diverse bodies and movement practices;

receptive to a multitude of viewpoints on the dancing body

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