Angela Sellars

Angela Sellars, Owner/Creator

​Chakra7 School of Reiki

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach (intuitive), Reiki Practitioner and a Chakra Therapist with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who I am is a lover of hearts, love, nature, walks, hikes, laughter and I love to journal and educate myself. I live in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland with my loving husband of 26 years and we have a beautiful son who we raised to spread his own wings to fly and at this moment he landed an awesome career in Alberta.

My teaching of Reiki began with my son’s Brain Surgery. After receiving the beautiful magic of reiki energy, I knew that this would be my mission to offer the gift of Reiki to many more. I completed private training in Alberta in the summer of 2019 and I truly haven’t looked back.

I have been practicing Reiki since May 2017, and it has truly become my passion. My health was lacking something and my licensed naturalpath couldn’t figure out what this was and then one day Reiki was shared with me and it was clearly my missing link. Energy healing became my medicine of the unknown decluttering of emotions and toxins that were built up in my body and showing as an autoimmune disease. I received the freedom of Allergies!

I do love sharing my experiences of shifting dark dense energy to wellness and my stories of how Reiki appeared in my son’s illness and the illness and loss of my father and the healing of myself. Three cases all so different but using the same technique and this will be taught through the Levels of Reiki.

My education began in the beauty industry and I continued for more then 20 years all over the world, including outside Canada. In 2014, I had to physically leave the beauty industry but it's never left my heart. I went on a mission to figure out how this happened to me and how I can fill the gap between a beauty professional and Adrenal Fatigue which mostly shows up as autoimmune diseases in the body. This has been my education since 2015, holistic certificate after certificate looking for the answers and then I was introduced to Reiki.

My continued education these days are enhancing this beautiful modality and introducing it to the world. I personally believe that energy healing is our birthright and when you learn how to give yourself self reiki treatments you will heal yourself and you can be of service to others. Daily practice of Reiki will bring much Joy, Love, Peace and Abundance to your life.

My Career has always brought me back to the entrepreneurial spirit and wanting to empower others in their dreams. Teaching Reiki lit a spark in me because I love to share knowledge and I love the excitement of others being excited to earn a new meaningful tool.

I would like to thank you for taking time to read my website and I would love to be part of your Natural Road to Wellness Journey. Natural Road to Wellness Service menu you can click here but if it’s training you're interested in then lets go back and view the dates here to see the upcoming training dates.

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