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Antoine Rempp

Antoine is a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA), a Medical Professional Fianncial Strategist, and a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.). He published two books about the living benefits of life insurance, and has organized many financial education seminars over the last few years. He's completed more than a dozen seminars on the subject already, and is not stopping anytime soon. He is actually working on setting up an online platform to help executor get more tools and information to better prepare for the inevitable. 

He's passionate about financial education, and has been helping his clients make better choices and be better prepared for the unexpected since 2010. 

Father of three girls, he believes that helping people make better decisions financially is critical for our next generations. There is going to be a massive wealth transfer from the baby boomers to the next generations in the next two decades, and without better planning, CRA will get the biggest portion of that wealth. Simple strategies can ensure that more money stay in the hands of the beneficiaries or the estates, instead of being eroded in the form of taxes. 

The role of the executor is misunderstood and he's made it his mission to help educate both testators and executors on the challenges and strategies coming with the job of being an executor and dealing with a deceased's estate, long before the person dies. 

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