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Arab Engineers Chapter- Manitoba

Arab language and Arab culture are shared among people who originated from any of the 22 countries as stated in the constitution; they represent approximately 300 million people. Arabic is one of the official six languages in the United Nations.

Chapter Objectives

The objectives of the Chapter are:

To encourage and facilitate the study, discussion and exchange of ideas and information among the members on all questions of interest as engineers or geoscientists and as citizens.

To promote, undertake, and/or engage in such programs, functions, and activities that will contribute to the professional growth and career development of its members.

To establish a registry of Arab Professional Engineers (P.Eng.), Professional Geoscientists (P.Geo.), Engineering Interns (EIT), and Geoscience Interns (GIT) within the Province of Manitoba.

To support the educational aspirations of future members by granting academic scholarships to deserving Arab-educated engineering or geosciences professionals.

To undertake and/or engage in community projects or otherwise cooperate and/or collaborate with community service oriented groups, or entities in their programs, projects, and activities.

The Arab Members Chapter was approved by Council on January 19, 2017.

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