Arrival Agency

About Arrival
A Vancouver-based agency with the mission of creating extraordinary experiences that bring people together and enrich life. Past and present projects include: Reimagining the Waldorf Hotel as an arts and culture hub; re-opening of the Fox Theatre on Main Street as a music venue; programming FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery; throwing New Year's Eve and Halloween bashes at the Hotel Vancouver; programming the Khatsahlano Street Party and much more. 

About The Fox Cabaret
Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, The Fox Cabaret is a nightclub and performance space which provides a platform for the best of independent culture Vancouver. An almost 40-year-neighborhood fixture, the Fox has been home to a cult cinema, an indian movie house and was the last 35mm adult theatre in North America. Relaunched in 2013 by the Arrival Agency, the Fox has been reborn as a cultural space with a commitment to high quality, music, art, performance, entertainment and fun.

Having Problems Finding Tickets for an Event?
Tickets for non-Arrival Fox Cabaret events can be found on the Fox Events Calendar:


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