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Ashley Pincott

I am the Founder and CEO of Resilience Junkie, a women's resilience mastery coaching company that teaches women BS-free skills and strategies for how to unleash their inner badass by crushing their inner critics, developing unshakeable confidence, and creating an unstoppable mindset, so that they can live and lead without limits.


I’m far from perfect. I’ve failed multiple times, let my emotions get the best of me, struggled with debilitating anxiety and self-doubt….but, every time life knocks me down or my mind gets the best of me, I wipe away the tears and use the challenge as an opportunity to rise back up, stronger than ever. I’m a Resilience Junkie.


Empowering women to find their voice, step into their power, and become the best versions of themselves is my passion. I’ve bounced back from a lot of obstacles in my life that have tested my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience. I’ve survived a spinal chord and a brain injury that tested every inch of my strength. Through it all, my ‘bouncebackability’ remained strong. Despite the pain, giving up was never an option.


I believe that all of us have the power to develop a resilient mindset; just like a muscle, it needs to be conditioned and strengthened, every day. The mission behind all of my work is to serve women as a visionary leader and mentor, inspiring them to live boldy, step into their power, find their voice, and create a kickass life, on their terms. Are you ready to find the resilience junkie inside of you? Yes, life is tough, but it's also fucking beautiful. It's all about perception. Don't drown in the ocean of despair. Rather, be the fucking yacht that rides the waves.


To Your Unwavering Resilience,




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