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Barry Iwanicki

Hi my name is Barry Iwanicki. I have worked in various Industrial Industries mostly in the Petrochemical and Oil. I have been an operator and had worked my way up as a shift supervisor and Super Intendant. Over the years I have seen and worked with co-workers who have struggled with various types of issues that have affected them mentally. I have lost co-workers and took it upon myself to do as much as I could to help my fellow co-workers. Since now teaching here at the College many students are vunerable to various crisis such as axiety, stress and others. Since becoming the student advisor to our AIPE student club by concensus we agreed to focus one 1 big event a year to raise as much money as we can to help students on Campus. All funds raised stay here at Campus help our mental health coordinator to put on seminars and othe events to help with coping skills and to raise awareness. This is a great event to raise money for mental health. Please register, plege or donate.

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