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Bridal Week Vancouver happening from 8-10 April' 2016 @Vancouver Convention centre.

This event will set a new Bench Mark for Canadian Wedding Industry.

The three day event will have International wedding designers, Jewellers and Wedding Vendors showcasing there products.

Venue is divided into two major areas:

a) Stall area -- where you will find all stalls of these participants, you can check out there collection buy, or order on there samples.

b) MSA- Main Show area, where these designers will showcase on ramp. Fashion show has internationally acclaimed show director "Liza Verma" she will choreograph all fashion shows.


Bridal Week Vancouver is on April 8 – 10th. More than 30 Indian designers are coming. The “Royal Fables” from the “Indian Royal Families” are showcasing their designs here as well. 

BWV will have leading bridal designers and jewellers from Canada, USA , UK , UAE , India and Pakistan showcasing there collection on ramp, with trade. We will have exhibition space, where designers and wedding vendors will exhibit in stalls. It is designed , keeping in mind multi-cultural wedding industry of Canada. This will bring all leading wedding vendors from all cultures under one umbrella.

Major media of Canadian fashion industry will be covering it. Former Femina Miss India and leading Fashion Choreographer Liza Verma will be the Choreographer. She has successfully organized more than 2,500 shows globally. She is a member of the Fashion Design Council of India and a choreographer for "India Fashion Week".


It is more than just the fashion industry coming to Vancouver. The fashion industry are integrated with the movie industry. Bollywood drives the marketing industry. Many Indian businesses base on culture.

Vancouver Convention Centre West Building - 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3, 
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