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BioAromatica LTD - Natural Holistic Skin Care

BioAromatica Ltd was founded with the goal to share knowledge and experience with people who wish to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Vesna Tonkovic, an experienced aromatherapist and naturalist, has been continuing to further develop what her family started in early 1970. Growing up in Croatia by the Adriatic Coast, in her early childhood she learnt how to use wild mediterranean herbs in every day life, from skin care to food preparation. BioAromatica has been developed with the passion and respect for nature, with the skin care and personal hygiene products that are holistic and in a harmony with nature. We started a traditional soap making process by using only pure oils and natural ingredients like clay and minerals for a colour, essential oils for aroma or scent. The Skin care products and cleaning products have been formulated based on traditional use of herbals and plants macerated in the carrier oils. Nature is a powerful source of plants for overall health and skin treatments. Macerating and Distilling herbs are just some of many techniques in using herbs in skin care products. Our mission is to preserve nature and prevent further pollution of our planet Earth by sharing the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. Every product we formulate and make is in harmony with nature. By using pure essential oils and plant based carrier oils, we formulated natural, powerful BioAromatica skin care. Our Holistic Soap has been one of the most popular cleansing and moisturizing product beneficial for every day use and any skin type, including the most sensitive skin. There is no hidden ingredient in our products. Our Workshops are transparent and all trade "secrets" reveiled. Nature offers all we need. We love to share the knowledge of making natural body/skin care products with health concious people. Our Workshops are entertaining and for many people it's been a meaningful experience that affects their lifestyle in a positive and creative way.