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Active in CrossFit for the last seven years, and a participant in 24-hour Adventure Races, there is no doubt that competition runs through my veins.

What has been interesting to me is developing goals and creating drivers to keep me motivated. In the last few years, competing at the Masters level, I have found that the discipline and mental aspects have become the prime drivers to success. I’ve taken my unique business goal setting program into the CrossFit gym with me, and it has paid off.

Outside of the gym, I have applied these same principles and have helped many athletes, and non-athletes, achieve their goals in many different aspects of their lives. I have helped people create goals to:

• lose weight
• run a half marathon
• quit smoking 
• get a book published 
• get a muscle up 
• grow a thriving entrepreneurial business

What motivates me? 
• helping people unlock their potential and prove that age is just a number 
• the drive to push myself and discover what I am TRULY capable of

We all have baggage, and we all have excuses. I want to look back on my life and be able to say, “that was a life that was lived to the fullest in every way.”

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