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CAM Friedmann Curator

My name is Clotilde Anne-Marie Friedmann. I am the curator of the continuum education you wanted for your children. They are the future of our world. At B2A we teach children in the same way they warp speed the acquisition of their knowledge during the first 5 years of their life. Conventional school can be a slow motion apprenticeship for your child and you want to keep them at speed when of school. This organization is the perfect place for your child the expand its continuum into fun activities that creates SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.

This is the Summer Camp you have been wanting…

Deliver 80% in French  20% in English

Effectiveness in creating inner peace with Meditation; Yoga; Thai Chi & Qi Gong. Living the context of ‘BEING HAPPY’.

Create adventure with writing; illustration via multiple media  such as; painting; illustration; drawing; collage; physical expression; dancing & movement; photography & filming

Investigate the understanding of vibration & broadcasting with music & emotions

Foster a SELF-EXPRESSION with creative mind  & Unleashing the contest of ‘WHO I AM’ to inspire CREATIVE SUCCESS

Cooking food for the brain, mind, body and soul and become a role model to others. Make food of LOVE. Inspiring your kid to come home saying:  ’Tonight I AM cooking food of love for you.’

This is a dream come true with an education for the future of children.

This is a ONE of A Kind Summer Camp that you will want to sign up for the entire summer.

Hooked on HAPPINESS!

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