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Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce

Who We Are

Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce (CMCC) represents the next generation of leaders in Canada and Mongolia.  We are approachable & engaging, innovative & unique, young & diverse, and most importantly, an inclusive group of individuals, entrepreneurs, benefit corporations, for-profit corporations, non-profits, and educators.  

Encompassing value systems that encourage circular & sustainable economic systems, CMCC strives to promote strong foundations between companies and businesses that are engaged in building strong, healthy and sustainable communities.

We are building a Community of Mentors, Collaborators & Contributors. 

What We Do

Community of Mentors, Collaborators & Contributors aims to promote both Mongolian and Canadian business cultures as well as business relations between these two nations.  By engaging businesses of all sizes, from small to large, CMCC endeavours to provide a platform and forum for sustainable business development.  A platform of fair business interaction requires diplomacy and CMCC bridges that divide between Canada and Mongolia.  

Diplomacy doesn’t only start with top government officials and big business; it is about the people, communities, and traditions that created these two nations.  CMCC is the voice of interaction between businesses, communities, and leaders.  We provide consultancy services on how best to enter new markets, provide representation in both countries, conduct business partner searches, and most importantly, we offer market research and trade fair participation on behalf of individuals, non-profits, associations, businesses and governments. 

Our services include: 
- strategic planning for corporations, SMEs and NFPs;
- business development consultancy services;
- community development projects.

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