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Canadian College of Performing Arts

"The Canadian College of Performing Arts is a melting pot for all that is right in the world in its nurturing and celebration of the arts. I felt privileged to hear some amazing talent… it both inspired me and reassured me that the new generation of music makers are well on their way to making their mark in the world.“ - David Foster

Grammy & Academy Award Winning Musician & Producer  


The Canadian College of Performing Arts offers programs that provide outstanding and relevant performing arts training to students from across Canada and abroad. The College also produces substantial community outreach initiatives and offers the city of Victoria a season of artistic performances of the highest caliber. Student tuition covers 50% of program delivery and fundraising efforts require the college to secure the remaining 50%. It is our hope to be able to improve our facility and technologies and increase the level of financial aid we can provide our students. Our Students consistently enjoy a remarkable success rate in the performing arts industry once they graduate. Your support is crucial to the future success of the college and helps today’s young performers become Canada’s cultural leaders of tomorrow. 

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“I applaud the organization. I applaud the Faculty, the staff and the leadership. But they are lacking the funding to be as comfortable as they should be, given the artistic standards and magnificent organization. If this can be addressed, I think they will soar to the top of the ranks.” - David Warrick

Independent Artistic Assessment for The Department of Canadian Heritage
Canadian Arts Training Fund, November 2017