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Canadian International Council - Saskatoon Branch

The Canadian International Council (CIC) is Canada's longest-running foreign policy forum, established nearly ninety years ago to inform and to give a voice to people interested in issues of the world and Canada's role in them. It promotes dialogue and research on international affairs issues through a national network that crosses academic disciplines, policy areas and economic sectors. Its 15 branches across the country hold public education events to prompt citizen interest and engagement with international issues. The CIC now features a digital media platform——that aims to bring the best work being done on global affairs into the Canadian conversation.


The Saskatoon branch has been stirring the conversation for well over eighty years. Check out our website:


 Consider becoming a member of CIC.

Your membership dollars help support our ongoing programming. By becoming a member, you add to the national discussion on world events and Canadian foreign policy, and you join the team of experts and engaged citizens across the country, keenly interested in the world and Canada's place in it.

Annual membership fees:  

   $20 for students   

   $45 for young professionals (under 35 years of age)

   $75 for all others  

 More information online at:





 Upcoming Events:


January 25, 2018. "Keeping up with the Kurds: The Drive Towards Self-Determination in the Middle East"  by Chris Kilford. Room 241 Arts Building, University of Saskatchewan. 4:30 pm presentation

February 8, 2018. "Real and Imagined Security Threats in an Uncertain World" by Mark Sedra. Saskatoon Club. 6:30 pm dinner / 8 pm presentation

March 9, 2018. "Symposium on Immigration and Refugee Policy" Full day event.


Recent Events:

January 9, 2018: "The Arctic Council" by Dr. Heather Exner-Pirot. Saskatoon Club. 6:30 pm dinner / 8 pm presentation

November 7, 2017, "Britain is GREAT - A Conversation with British Consul General Caroline Saunders", Saskatoon Club, 4:30 pm

Oct 16/17: Ken Coates, "The Front Lines of Reconciliation? Global Perspectives on Indigenous Engagement with the Natural Resource Economy",  Saskatoon Club. 6:30 pm dinner / 8 pm presentation

Sept 20/17: Kjell Anderson, "The Dilemma of Dominic Ongwen: The Socialization, Reintegration and Criminal Culpability of former Child Soldiers", Saskatoon Club. 6:30 pm dinner / 8 pm presentation

May 2/17: Gord and Judith Thomas, Private Kenneth Duncanson Finally Laid to Rest after 72 Years. Saskatoon Club, 6:30 pm reception / 7 pm presentation. CELEBRATE CANADA!

Apr 5/17: Alex Fallon, Saskatchewan's Impact on the World Stage. Saskatoon Club. 6:30 pm dinner / 8 pm presentation

Mar 13/17: Saskatoon Welcomes His Excellency Mizanur Rahman, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Canada. Saskatoon Club, 7 pm Dinner / 8:15 pm presentation

Mar 12/17: Hugh Segal presentation and book signing. Indigo, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Feb 16/17: Lieutenant Commander Lucas Kenward, Operation CARIBBE: The Reservists Against the Terrorists. Saskatoon Club. 8 pm public presentation (or dinner with speaker at 6:00 pm).

Feb 8/2017: Movie, "The Age of Consequences". Arts 241, U of S. Begins 7:00 pm.

Jan 12/17: Chris DeBeer, Global Becomes Local: The Changing Climate of Westtern Canada. (Saskatoon Club) 

Dec 9/16: US Consul General Tom Palaia. 1 pm, Diefenbaker Canada Centre

Dec 1/16 - Combatting Human Trafficking in Vietnam (Saskatoon Club)

Nov 17/16 - An Update from DND:  Joint Task Force Iraq (Saskatoon Club)

Oct 20/16 -  Mastoufa Bayoumi, How Does it Feel to Be a Problem? Being Muslim During the War on Terror, Biology 106, U of S

Oct 5/16 - Pulse-a-palooza! A celebration of the International Year of Pulses

Sept 28/16 - Recent Developments in Turkey (Saskatoon Club)

Sept 22/16 - The Brexit, the EU and Trade - Oh. My! a panel discussion

Nov 16/15 - Commodore Santarpia, Counter Terror Operations off the Horn of Africa

Nov 10/15 - Ken Coates,  A New Northern Vision

Sept 24/15  - Reyn Laurer, Global Citizenship: the tensions of a privileged humanitarian worker

Mar 19/15 - Maurice Labelle, Not so Nobel: Perceptions of Lester B. Pearson in the Arab World

Feb 26/15 - Patrick Chasse, Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America

Jan 27/15 - Bruce Reeder, The Challenges of Ebola

Nov 25/14 - John Foster, Petroleum and the World's Hot Spots

Oct 27/14 - Alan Trench, The Referendum on Scottish Independence and After

Oct 9/14 - Kjell Anderson, Understanding Mass Atrocities - from Rwanda to ISIS

Sept 30/14 - Bill Kerr, The Changing Landscape of Canadian Trade Relations

Sept 11/14 - Lee Reaney,The Cost of Turning to Europe - From Euromaidan to War with Russia

Geoff Backman, Where to from Here? Marketing Choices of Wheat Farmers in Newly-Opened International Market

May 12/14 - Update from Ukraine: a Conversation with Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

 April 16/14 - Jeffrey Steeves, Democracy in Kenya in Peril

March 25/14 - Greg Poelzer, Ukraine and Crimea in the Russian Mirror

Tues, March 25, 10-11:20 am, Thorv Room 159, U of S 

March 6/14 - Major Robert Meade, DART Response to Typhoon Haiyan, Phiippines, November 2013









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