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Capital Innovation

A strong history

Capital Innovation and International Capital Forums, grew for the past 6 years, to the biggest technology investment programs/events in Quebec and among the biggest in Canada. Martin Duchaine, co-founder of Anges Quebec, former Investment Director at Innovatech and now President of Capital Innovation dedicates the experience he compiled for his past 12 years among the Venture Capital Industry to the success of these events.


A sustainable goal

The Forums’ main purpose is to create an investment pipeline, « border free », between the east coasts of Canada (Quebec, Atlantic and Ontario) and the United States (New England, New York) and Europe by organizing networking events for investors to meet and build a strong relationship, and this, all year long. Indeed, with the Toronto Venture Forum in February, the Montreal Venture Forum in March and the Boston Venture forum in June, this gives several opportunities for fellow Angels, Funds Managers or Institutional Investors to meet.

It is of public knowledge that investors not only like to gather around a nice drink in a warm atmosphere but also like to be introduced to high growth potential tech companies, which is, another thing that Capital Innovation’s team and Committees do for them. Indeed, with 5 regional committees and 2 international ones, we put a lot of effort to find and coach the best technology companies in the area. Last year only, about 130 entrepreneurs applied to Capital Innovation.

Is anything free nowadays?

Yes! With the strong support of the Government of Quebec and several private organizations we can invite you, investors, for free to all our events. Registration is mandatory, so register and come to Toronto, Montreal and Boston, it’s on us!

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