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Chris Dub

Chris Dub has been consciously walking the path of self-realization since becoming very ill 8 years ago. His body suddenly began to purge physically, emotionally and mentally in an intense process which created dramatic changes and shifts of consciousness. Although an incredibly painful process, it allowed him to become in touch with the essence of his spirit and follow the path of service that resonates most with his heart. Chris created Consciousness Now to assist those who are choosing the path of self-inquiry to dive deeper into self-awareness and self-discovery.


Chris is a certified Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher, Yoga Warrior & Yoga Alliance certified. He has a diploma in Social Work and has worked in the field developing and running after school programs for youth relating to healthy living, he has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant and public speaker in elementary schools. Chris has undergone intensive breathe work, bodily cleansing, meditation and self-inquiry to move through chronic pain and find deeper depths of self love over the past 8 years. He works 1 on 1 with clients to move through stress, become aware of self-defeating beliefs, emotional repression and access one’s heart. Chris is passionate about bringing rituals to your daily life to assist in tuning into this frequency and make decision based upon what resonates with this heart space. Chris is a public speaker with a focus on empowerment and is also the former Owner and Creator of Dub’s Deals Buy & Sell. Chris teaches Kundalini Yoga weekly, run’s meditation classes, primal movement classes and hosts the Sacred Brotherhood Men’s Group. Chris does outreach work with the homeless in the winter time and supports many heart-centered community events. He is a spoken word artist and conscious hip-hop performer. He also currently run’s the day to day operations and manages the staff at Popbox Micro Mrkt in Toronto. 

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